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Professional BMX Stunt Shows

Dialed Action Sports Team provides BMX stunts and stunt shows in PA for a wide variety of audiences. Predominantly, we work with schools, parents and administrators to create an assembly that will not only entertain children, but will also educate them. For example, our campaigns are used in anti-bullying and drug awareness campaigns. Surely, we will create a show that leaves an impression on children.

We offer some of the BEST BMX riders performing some of the BIGGEST tricks in the sport. Many of our riders have competed in the Dew Tour, X-games and various other contests around the world. Please feel free to look through our website and as always, please feel free to contact us.

School Assembly Programs

We feel it's important to not only "WOW" your students with our BMX bike tricks, but to also help educate them. Kids these days need a positive role model to look up to. Riding a bicycle is something that your students can relate to and our goal is that once they see us as the "cool" guys, then our Educational Messages will sink in more and make a bigger impact.

-Key BMX Show Points-

  • Performed INSIDE or OUTSIDE
  • Space- 20 feet by 100 feet (hard, level surface)
  • 35 minutes long
  • 1-4 shows per day
  • 2 or more Athletes
  • 1 Charismatic Announcer
  • Year round availability
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    Why hire Team Dialed’s BMX Stunt Show for your next event?

    Having professional entertainment at your school assembly or special event should leave a lasting impression with your audience, long after they leave. With over 70% of our clients requesting us to return to their events year after year, we guarantee that the job will get done right. Our BMX stunt team is dedicated to professionalism, respect, and loyalty.

    Please view our Testimonials page to read some wonderful feedback from our past clients at special events and school assemblies.

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    Dialed Action Sports Team, LLC
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    Phone # (814) 280-0299
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