5 tips for hosting the best BMX School Assembly

Dialed Action’s top 5 tips for hosting a great BMX school assembly

After 15 years and over 10,000 successful performances, we know a thing or two about event planning and preparation. Here are our top 5 tips for a successful BMX school assembly:


PROMOTE THE SHOW – Don’t make the mistake of assuming that BMX school assembly programs don’t need the same promotional push as any regular public event. Proper pre-event promotion will build excitement among students and will lead to a greater impact of the program message delivered by our athletes on event day.

Dialed Action makes this promotional effort easy with our Pre-Event Marketing Kit. Within your event agreement (page 6) you will find a links to the marketing kits for our various programs. Click on the appropriate link to access high resolution images, teaser videos, program logos, a press release template and a downloadable “coming soon” poster. Make use of these assets with social media posts, emails to parents, newspaper articles, morning announcements, or by hanging posters throughout the school.

School Assembly Marketing Kit


PICK A GREAT SHOW LOCATION – The success of a BMX school assembly can depend on where the show is held and how the students are arranged. We recommend that whenever possible, the students be oriented with the sun to their back. This will ensure that our performance area is lit as brightly as possible and that students do not need to block sun from their eyes. We also recommend that our performance be oriented away from any large walls or buildings so that our sound equipment does not create an echo. Although shows can be held on grass or concrete/blacktop, we strongly prefer concrete/blacktop. This hard riding surface is ideal for our athletes, reduces set-up and tear-down time, and dries out quickly in case of any rain prior to show time. BMX shows require a 120’x20′ performance area while our Mountain Bike shows can fit into a 30’x30′ riding area.

BMX school assembly show orientation


HAVE AN INDOOR OPTION AVAILABLE – In the event of rain, performances can be moved indoors. If inclement weather is anticipated we recommend making sure that the gym is heated or cooled to a comfortable level in case students must be moved indoors. We also recommend that school maintenance staff be prepared (if necessary) to remove the center column of any double doors.

BMX indoor school assembly requirements


INVITE THE LOCAL MEDIA – Spread our motivational message beyond the school by inviting local media to attend the performance. Our shows create some unbelievable photo-ops and are a big hit with local news channels and newspaper publishers. Please notify us in advance if you plan to have media in attendance so that we can be sure to set aside a few minutes for interviews with our athletes.

BMX school assembly on TV


SAVE YOURSELF SOME MONEY – TWO WAYS TO SAVE! Make use of our grant funding resources found HERE (scroll to the middle of the page) to access tools like GuideStar, a database of funding options. Qualifying 501c3 entities may be able to make application to various funding opportunities for programs like ours. Dialed Action also offers significant discounts when you team up with another school or youth organization in your area and plan two same-day events.

Save money on BMX school assembly programs



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