February 11, 2012

BMX School Assembly Programs in PA. 2012

The Dialed Action Sports Team had an amazing BMX School Assembly Program yesterday (February 10, 2012) in West Chester, PA. With over 600  screaming kids inside of the elementary school gymnasium, this was definitely a show to remember. With announcer John Saxton and riders Brian Cunningham and Mike Fede the kids were screaming louder then we have
January 24, 2012

Anti-Bullying School Assembly Programs in PA. 2012

The Dialed Action Sports Team will be back on the road on Friday January 27, 2012 for it’s first BMX school assembly program of the year. We are excited for another great year of action-packed BMX bike shows at fairs, festivals, car shows and many more events. On Friday we will be in Jefferson Hills,
December 24, 2011

BMX School Assemblies in New Jersey 2012

During the cold winter months, the Dialed Action Sports Team and the High Action Bikes Stunt Team have been staying busy by booking BMX school assemblies for 2012. Our BMX trick team will be in Cranford, New Jersey on January 28, 2012 for an educational school assembly program. This is actually our second year in
December 23, 2011
Flatland BMX Stunt Shows

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Christmas is here and this is the time of the year to be thankful for your family and friends in your life. Always remember your roots and how hard you had to work to get to where you are at now. Be thankful for what you have and also what you get on Christmas. May
November 8, 2011

Educational BMX School Assemblies in PA

Tomorrow (November 9, 2011) the Dialed Action Sports Team will in Pittsburgh, PA. performing an educational BMX school assembly. Our bicycle trick team will be relaying messages to the students about Anti-Bullying Programs and Bicycle Safety Programs. We are looking forward to not only impress the students with our X-Games style stunts, but also to
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