May 11, 2011

BMX Trick Team in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Dialed Action Sports BMX Trick Team performed a Flatland BMX stunt show today in Pittsburgh, PA. At this assembly we had 2 professional Flatland BMX riders (Tony Strickler & Joey Branford), performing all kinds of technical tricks on the ground. In the midst of their amazing tricks, the Dialed Action Sports Team’s announcer (Nathan Smoyer) talked
May 9, 2011

BMX Stunt Show Photos

Here are some awesome photos taken at a few of our recent BMX stunt shows in Pennsylvania. Photos are courtesy of Josh Kirtland out of State College, PA.  The Dialed Action Sports Team is stoked to have him!      
May 8, 2011
Flatland BMX Stunt Shows

BMX School Assemblies in Turtle Creek, PA.

Our BMX school assembly stunt team will be in Turtle Creek, PA. on May 11th, 2011. We’ll be performing 2 outstanding BMX Flatland shows with 2 professional riders (Joey Branford & Tony Stickler) and 1 charismatic announcer (Nathan Smoyer). At our BMX school assembly in Pennsylvania, we will also be providing 2 types of inspirational
May 6, 2011

BMX School Assemblies in Ohio

The Dialed Action Sports Team had an amazing day performing at the Stanton Elementary School in Hammondsville, Ohio today. Our BMX stunt team performed an action-packed BMX bike show with messages about bicycle safety. These kids definitely loved our show, as they wouldn’t stop screaming for us, haha but that’s a good thing. We got to pull
May 2, 2011

BMX School Assemblies in Hammondsville, OH.

Our BMX school assembly stunt team will be in Hammondsville, Ohio this Friday (May 6, 2011). Our bicycle trick team will be providing inspirational messages to the students about bicycle safety and healthy lifestyles. We will be performing 1- 45 minute, action-packed, BMX school assembly program at 1:00pm at the Stanton Elementary School. We’re excited to teach
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