January 27, 2011

BMX Bike Shows at School Assemblies

The Dialed Action Sports Team is a great choice for your next School Assembly Program. When you have our BMX Bike Shows at your School Assembly, you will not only witness the BIGGEST tricks in the sport, but also an Educational BMX School Show. Our BMX Stunt Team will show your students the importance of living a
January 26, 2011

BMX School Assembly Programs

The Dialed Action Sports Team knows what it takes to make a positive impact on your students. We provide powerful and inspirational, BMX School Assembly Programs about Drug Awareness, Bicycle Safety, Anti- Bullying, and Responsible Choices. It’s important to show your students that with hard work and living a healthy lifestyle, it will pay off. Our BMX Stunt
January 25, 2011

BMX Bike Stunt Shows in Brooklyn, NY

The Dialed Action Sports BMX Bike Stunt Shows will be in Brooklyn, NY. this Friday. We will be performing 2 halftime shows during the high school basketball state championship games. The basketball tournament will be at the Long Island University Brooklyn Campus. Our BMX Bike Stunt Shows will be more powerful then ever, with riders
January 22, 2011

Educational BMX School Assembly in NJ

The Dialed Action Sports Team performed an educational BMX School Assembly in NJ today. Our show relayed messages to the kids about character building and following your dreams. The kids were amazing and we were psyched to be apart of the health and fun day at their school assembly. It’s always a pleasure to be around kids
January 18, 2011

BMX Drug Awareness Programs

The Dialed Action Sports Team knows the importance of being drug free and living a healthy lifestyle. We feel it is very important to show kids today exactly how dangerous they really are and how they can effect their lives. The Dialed Action Sports Team’s Drug Awareness Program is a powerful and inspirational show that
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