December 8, 2010

Entertainment for Fairs and Festivals

The Dialed Action Sports Team is proud to say that we have worked with some wonderful events as Entertainment for Fairs and Festivals. We believe that Entertainment for Fairs and Festivals is crucial  to keeping people excited about your event and that’s where are BMX Stunt Team comes in. We provide a choreographed show with a high-energy performance, designed
December 7, 2010

Corporate Event Entertainment

For the past 2 years the Dialed Action Sports Team has performed at fairs, festivals, school assemblies, monster truck events and more. The Dialed Action Sports Team can also perform as corporate event entertainment or at  grand openings for businesses. Our BMX Bike Stunt Show could be just the thing you’re looking for to entertain
December 5, 2010

Drug Awareness BMX School Assemblies

At your BMX School Assembly we want to stress the importance of being drug free, and how harmful drugs can be to you. We will let the students know that there are many harmful drugs out there and to just say NO. We’ll also let them know that some of these drugs are very addictive
December 1, 2010

Benefits from BMX School Assemblies

When hiring the Dialed Action Sports Team, you’re not only getting some of the BIGGEST tricks in the sport but you will also receive an educational program. It’s very important to show your students that there are professional athletes out there who are good role models. It’s sad to think that there are so many
November 29, 2010

BMX School Assembly video

Check out our BMX School Assembly video, where you’ll witness the high-flying action of the Dialed Action Sports Team. Our BMX Stunt Teams video has all the big tricks and screaming kids who are loving it. We can provide this kind of BMX Stunt Show  at all kinds of events from fairs, festivals, car &
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