November 29, 2010

BMX School Assembly video

Check out our BMX School Assembly video, where you’ll witness the high-flying action of the Dialed Action Sports Team. Our BMX Stunt Teams video has all the big tricks and screaming kids who are loving it. We can provide this kind of BMX Stunt Show  at all kinds of events from fairs, festivals, car &
November 27, 2010

BMX Stunt Teams-Food bank donations

The Dialed Action Sports Team and High Action Bikes are proud to announce that they are working together to help people, by donating to your local food banks. Here is how it works; Book any of our School Assembly Programs with either High Action Bikes (in the mid west states) or with the Dialed Action
November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Dialed Action Sports Team would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. Eat plenty of food and enjoy the extended weekend. Drive safe and enjoy the wonderful holiday.
November 21, 2010

Fun, Educational, BMX School Assemblies

The Dialed Action Sports Team is happy to be booking fun & educational, BMX school assemblies for the Spring of 2011. Our school assembly programs are designed to deliver inspirational messages to your students, in a fun and unforgettable way. Our educational BMX school assemblies guarantee satisfaction at your school. We can deliver powerful messages
November 18, 2010

Surgery for BMX Stunt Show rider

Today the Dialed Action Sports Team owner/rider Brian Cunningham went in for a small knee surgery. In 2005 Brian tore his ACL while riding his BMX bike. After nearly 6 years went by, Brian had to return to the operating room to have hardware removed from his knee. He literally had a screw lose haha
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