September 13, 2010

BMX Bike Stunt Shows at a hot air balloon festival:

The Dialed Action Sports Team’s BMX Bike Stunt Shows will be performing at the Lycoming County Fairgrounds this weekend for a hot air balloon festival. This type of event is a first for Team Dialed so, we are looking to pull out all the stops and all the big tricks for this event. Here is
September 7, 2010

Staten Island, NY. BMX Bike Stunt Shows

The Dialed Action Sports Team has just finished up 3 days of action-packed, BMX bike stunt shows, in Staten Island, NY. The team consisted of (rider) Jorge Jorge Jovel, (announcer) Nathan Smoyer, and (team owner/rider) Brian Cunningham. We performed 3 shows per day, with each show having a friendly competition between Jorge and Brian, to
September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day from the Dialed Action Sports Team

As the Dialed Action Sports Team finishes up our last day of BMX Stunt Shows in Staten Island, NY. we would like to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day. Labor Day is a day for everyone to kick back, relax and take a load off. With many fun events going on over this Labor Day
September 3, 2010

How to perform a back flip on a BMX bike

This is the kind of trick that you probably want to try into a foam pit first. Foam pits have pushed the sport of BMX with newer and crazier tricks each year. Foam pits are now becoming available at local skateparks or you can go to Woodward Sports Camp in PA. OK, so before you
September 1, 2010

BMX Bike Stunt Shows in Staten Island, NY.

Dialed Action Sports Team will be performing 3 days of BMX Bike Stunt Shows in Staten Island, NY. this weekend. We performed at this county fair last year and it was a great turn out. We’ll be doing 3 action packed shows per day, with safety speeches for the kids. So, if you’re in the
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