BMX School Assembly Shows with Bicycle Safety

The Dialed Action Sports Team knows exactly what bicycle safety means. After numerous years of BMX riding we realize the importance of wearing your helmet and pads. Our goal is to pass on our bicycle safety knowledge to the students at your school assembly. All of our riders have taken many falls with countless injuries over the years of riding a BMX bike. Most of these falls have come from trying new tricks over and over again to progress. We can honestly say that if we weren’t wearing our helmets and pads, we probably wouldn’t be where we’re at today.A concussion is no joke and there is no reason to not wear your helmet every time you ride. Regardless, of what your friends think of you or how the helmet feels, in the end, IT WILL SAVE YOU! Team owner/rider Brian Cunningham is married to doctor of physical therapy, and she deals with concussed people frequently. Team Dialed is very happy to have her teach us the importance of a concussion and how serious they really are. Concussion awareness and bicycle safety are just as important as being drug free. All three can do very harmful things to your life. The Dialed Action Sports Team is a perfect bicycle safety role model for students. We will make sure to leave a lasting impression with the students about why you should wear you pads and helmet. We’ll also go over some examples of injuries that some of the riders have had in their career.To book our team for a Bicycle Safety show, please feel free to contact us.

This is why we wear our pads!


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