Bullying Needs to be Stopped!

So, in this video below the innocent lady apparently was bullying someone on the train. At that point another lady steps in and shows her exactly what bullying is. Now, here at the Dialed Action Sports Team we are all for people stepping and to stop bullying, BUT that doesn’t give you the right to bully that person back when they clearly don’t wanna fight you. Even with the innocent girl originally bullying someone else, this video made me very angry because as this girl is getting hit NO ONE steps in to protect her. Again, I realize that she was doing some kind of bullying of her own, but this is just uncalled for. You can ask the lady to stop whatever she was doing or ask her to get off the train, but physically hitting her is not the solution. All that does is show the world that violence is OK, when it’s not. I am happy that someone stepped in to stop the innocent lady from bullying another passenger, but stepping in to do what she did was just wrong. There are nicer ways to get things done with the same results.




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