Performing BMX, MTB and FMX shows in Pittsburgh, PA.

June 20, 2013

Educational BMX Assemblies in PA.

The Dialed Action Sports Team has been very busy the past few weeks. We have traveled to Md, Nj, Pa, Ny and more for our educational BMX assemblies. Today (June 20, 2013) we are in Pittsburgh, PA. for an assembly on bike safety and anti bullying. At this BMX stunt show we have professional riders
May 15, 2013

Fun and Educational BMX Bike Shows in PA.

Today (May 15, 2013) the Dialed Action Sports Team performed a fun and educational BMX bike show in Bethel Park, PA. near Pittsburgh, PA. At this school assembly program we had professional riders Zane Bradley and Keith Schmidt along with announcer Brian Cunningham. These kids were some of the loudest kids I’ve heard in a
April 2, 2012

BMX Bike Shows at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

On April 3rd, 2012 the Dialed Action Sports Team will perform an action-packed BMX bike show for the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh in PA. We will be performing our BMX stunt shows with 3 professional riders (Jason Perz, Lonnie Patron and Brian Cunningham) and 1 charismatic announcer. Our BMX stunt team will also be teaching
November 8, 2011

Educational BMX School Assemblies in PA

Tomorrow (November 9, 2011) the Dialed Action Sports Team will in Pittsburgh, PA. performing an educational BMX school assembly. Our bicycle trick team will be relaying messages to the students about Anti-Bullying Programs and Bicycle Safety Programs. We are looking forward to not only impress the students with our X-Games style stunts, but also to
October 7, 2011
Flatland BMX Stunt Shows

Anti-Bullying School Assembly Programs in PA.

Today the Dialed Action Sports Team will be in Indiana, PA. for an anti-bullying school assembly program with BMX riding. Today our BMX stunt team will perform 1 action-packed Flatland show with 2 riders and 1 announcer. Our charismatic announcer (John Saxton) will be relaying positive and inspirational messages about bullying and why it’s not
July 14, 2011

BMX Bike Shows with Monster Trucks -Recap-

On July 9, 2011 the Dialed Action Sports Team was in Baltimore, MD to perform 3 BMX bike shows with monster trucks. We had a great time and a large crowd watching us. This monster truck event had the top truck drivers, such as Gravedigger, Maximum Velocity, and many more. To top it off, they
May 11, 2011

BMX Trick Team in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Dialed Action Sports BMX Trick Team performed a Flatland BMX stunt show today in Pittsburgh, PA. At this assembly we had 2 professional Flatland BMX riders (Tony Strickler & Joey Branford), performing all kinds of technical tricks on the ground. In the midst of their amazing tricks, the Dialed Action Sports Team’s announcer (Nathan Smoyer) talked