Dialed Action Sports Team’s video of our BMX stunt shows.

November 9, 2012

Chesapeake, VA. BMX School Assemblies

  The Dialed Action Sports Team took an 8 hour drive down to Chesapeake, VA. yesterday (November 8, 2012) for 3 amazing BMX school assemblies. We actually had a fun filled day with 3 individual schools to perform our Bicycle Safety and Anti-Bulling programs. Another great thing about yesterday was that we had professional videographer
February 11, 2012

BMX School Assembly Programs in PA. 2012

The Dialed Action Sports Team had an amazing BMX School Assembly Program yesterday (February 10, 2012) in West Chester, PA. With over 600  screaming kids inside of the elementary school gymnasium, this was definitely a show to remember. With announcer John Saxton and riders Brian Cunningham and Mike Fede the kids were screaming louder then we have
January 12, 2011

BMX Stunt Shows with Zack Gerber

Zack Gerber (26 years old) is from Ridgeway, PA. but loves to travel and ride his bike. Zack is a powerful rider in all aspects of riding and the Dialed Action Sports Team is happy to have him ride in our BMX Stunt Shows. He has shown us time and time again through his Facebook