Custom Painted Helmets by AUS10designs

Dialed Action Sports unveils a line of custom painted helmets by AUS10designs of Greenville NC.

New for 2024: Custom painted helmets for Dialed Action Sports athletes by Austin Hardee of AUS10designs.


Greenville, NC based AUS10designs has created helmets for many of the sport’s top athletes and brands. Austin’s newest project features Dialed Action’s trademark green check design and bold black hash mark lower border. Team riders including Brian Fox, Cory Berglar, Isiah Mendez, and Colin Akerman are proudly sporting these customized brain buckets, and each helmet is further customized with our athlete’s name.  Austin has also created a Mountain Bike version of the branded design.

You can explore more of AUS10designs’ incredible work on Instagram @aus10_designs or visit their website at

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Dialed Action Sports BMX custom painted helmets

Brian Fox custom helmet by AUS10designs

Dialed Action Sports custom MTB helmet

Dialed Action Sports branded Mountain Bike Helmets by AUS10designs

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