May 22nd Event for Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Brian Cunningham of the Dialed Action Sports Team did the unthinkable. He rode in a 50 mile bike ride on a BMX bike while everyone else had traditional road bike with gears. He got interviewed at the start of the ride for the news paper, which was funny. Brian also had to wear a pink skateboarding helmet, as he did not have one of his own so, he borrowed his finances. Brian also went 8-10 miles (rountrip) off course and had to go back to where he left off. He still finished with a respectable time of 3 hours and 50 minutes, on a BMX bike. That’s got to be a new record hahaMultiple Sclerosis is a horrible disease that effects people in many different ways. It was an honor to help raise money for a great cause. We plan on doing it again next year and raising even more money.This picture is of a great friend (Jeff Buckwalter) who has MS and he is the reason we decided to raise more for the society to help beat this disease and find a cure.


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