GEAR UP – Dialed Action Sports’ new recommended products program

Dialed Action Sports Introduces GEAR UP Program

Recommended products and cycling resources for riders of any age and ability.


New for 2024, Dialed Action Sports has launched GEAR UP – a mobile web interface allowing event attendees quick and easy access to a collection of our favorite cycling products, accessories, and skill-building resources. Whether you’re in need of a balance bike for your little one, gearing up for an epic adventure with the latest cycling accessories, or seeking to hone your skills with online coaching or in-person training camps, we’ve got you covered.

Our BMX and Mountain Bike athletes have spent decades fine tuning their skills and Dialed Action’s GEAR UP program puts that experience to work for anyone interested in sharing our passion for cycling.

We are proud to have partnered with many of the industry’s leading brands including Strider Bikes, Yardi Mountain Bike Features, United Wheels, Super Rider and more.

Dialed Action's new Recommended Products mini site

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