Staten Island, NY. BMX Bike Stunt Shows

The Dialed Action Sports Team has just finished up 3 days of action-packed, BMX bike stunt shows, in Staten Island, NY. The team consisted of (rider) Jorge Jorge Jovel, (announcer) Nathan Smoyer, and (team owner/rider) Brian Cunningham. We performed 3 shows per day, with each show having a friendly competition between Jorge and Brian, to see who has the bigger BMX tricks. It was a true toss up, between the 2 riders. With Jorge pulling off no handed 360’s and with Brian performing backflips over Jorge sitting on his bike, it was definitely a crowd-pleasing show.At this event, we also got to see our friend from the Pig Races, who we’ve seen at several of the events we performed at. He’s a great guy and really draws in the crowd.Well this wraps up our Staten Island BMX Stunt Team shows. Make sure to stay tuned for our up-coming events.


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