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Available Topics for School Assemblies and Youth Programs

Smart & Responsible Choices School Assemblies

    Our Healthy and Responsible Choices school assemblies deliver messages about NUTRITION, EXERCISING, and EATING HEALTHY! We let kids know that it is very important to eat healthy and nutritious foods. We also let them know that it is important to exercise daily.

    Dialed Action Sports Teams School Assemblies are a combination of important powerful messages on eating healthy and nutrition while performing a Professional Bmx Bicycle Stunt Show assembly that children of all ages will love! We let your students know how we became successful by making the right choices in life. Our extreme sports performers make smart choices to Eat Right, Stay Active, Stay Drug Free, and Work Hard to achieve their goals. We let your kids know how important it is to eat foods from the six food groups. We let them know that eating healthy helps them think and feel better.

    Our school assemblies lets your students know that staying active will make their bones, muscles and heart stronger. And that staying active or exercising will help them feel better. We give them ideas about activities they can do. From taking their dog for a walk to helping their parents with yard work.

    They also have to make the responsible choice to stay in school and make the effort to study. We also let them know that if they don't understand something in school they should not be afraid to ask for help. If they make an effort to work hard and stay dedicated anything is possible.

Great Ideas to keep your Kids Healthy

  • Take your dog for a walk.
  • Start a game of tag or kickball on the playground.
  • Help your parents with yard work.
  • Ride your bike with your friends.
  • Walk to the park with your friends.
  • Join a sports team.
  • Join your local YMCA.

Responsible Choices

    One day you will be asked to use Drugs, Alcohol, or try Tobacco, you have to make the responsible choice of saying NO!

When you don't understand your school work don't be afraid to ask for help.

If you work hard and study you can accomplish anything you want in life.


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Stunt Show

  • 120x20 riding area (plus audience space).
  • Blacktop, Concrete, or Gymnasium floors preferred. Grass is acceptable but not preferred.
  • One standard electrical outlet within 100 ft.
  • Can perform up to 4 shows per day.


Stunt Show

  • 30X30 riding area (plus audience space).
  • All surfaces acceptable. Grass, concrete, had packed dirt, gymnasium floor.
  • One standard electrical outlet within 100 ft.
  • Can perform up to 4 shows per day.