2011 Red Ribbon Week School Assembly Programs

For your 2011 Red Ribbon Week, are you looking for something different? Something that will make a positive impact and leave lasting impressions during your 2011 Red Ribbon Week? Well, then look no further, then the Dialed Action Sports Team. Our BMX stunt team will not only deliver educational drug awareness messages to the students, but we will also “WOW” them with our gravity-defying, BMX bike tricks. During your 2011 Red Ribbon Week School Assembly Program we will stress the importants of saying NO to drugs. Our bicycle stunt team will relay powerful messages about why drugs are bad and how they can effect you life in the future. We’ll show them by folloing your dreams and saying no to drugs that you can do anything and be anything you want to be. Our BMX stunt team is a living testimonial to that. Our bicycle stunt shows action-packed from start to completed with back flips, 360’s, no handers, and countless other tricks. Feel free to contact us for more information on our 2011 Red Ribbon Week School Assembly Programs.For more information about our BMX stunt shows, please feel free to Contact Us and also please check out our other websites. www.HighActionBikes.com www.BMXstuntTeams.com

BIG AiR over the Principal




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