Specialty Performances

Over the past 15 years, Dialed Action Sports has participated in the planning and execution of a wide variety of unique entertainment programs. From fashion shows to monster truck races and even circus programs, we have done it all.

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Case Studies

MADISON MALLARDS sideline performance

Home Run! Dialed Action Sports offers exciting on-field entertainment for the Madison Mallards’ 6th inning stretch. The performance program featured impromptu stunts in the grandstands, a game-opening wheelie around the bases, and a full 6th inning stretch performance in the fan zone.

PUMA fashion show and product shoot

Dialed Action was tapped to integrate action sports athletes into the live debut event of a new sportswear line. The event, held in Las Vegas, featured various acrobatic performances including multiple Dialed Action cyclists and custom built equipment provided by Dialed Action. The performance program was followed by a product shoot for PUMAs forthcoming advertising campaigns.

Performances at sea!

In a testament to our logistical capabilities, Dialed Action Sports has successfully executed a series of bicycle stunt performances onboard the USS Carl Vinson while underway in the Pacific Ocean. This remarkable event, conducted in collaboration with Schwinn Bikes and military retailer NEX, was integrated into USS Carl Vinson‘s family day, a cherished occasion allowing families to partake in a unique day at sea. The event included an array of family-friendly entertainment programs, complemented by captivating demonstrations from F-18 fighter aircraft and Navy SEAL fast-roping teams, descending skillfully from helicopters above to the carrier’s deck.


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