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BMX & MTB Bike Safety School Assemblies

The Dialed Action Sports Team knows exactly what bicycle safety means. After numerous years of BMX riding we realize the importance of wearing your helmet and pads. Our goal is to pass on our bicycle safety knowledge to the students at your BMX school assembly. All of our riders have taken many falls with countless injuries over the years of riding a BMX stunt bike. Most of these falls have come from trying new tricks over and over again to progress. We can honestly say that if we weren't wearing our helmet and pads, we probably wouldn't be where we're at today, performing BMX school assembly programs.

Our BMX bike shows will go over the following messages with your students:

The importance of wearing your helmet and safety gear.

We'll teach them what a concussion is and how they can effect you.

Safety on the roads ( obeying the laws, traffic signs, etc.)

Not to feel like your friends wont like you, if you wear a helmet.

We'll go over how the Dialed Action Sports Team wouldn't be here if we didn't wear our pads.

    A concussion is no joke and there is no reason to not wear your helmet every time you ride or skate. Regardless of what your friends think of you or how the helmet feels, in the end, IT WILL SAVE YOU! BMX stunt team owner/rider Brian Cunningham is married to an athletic trainer, and she deals with concussed athletes frequently. Team Dialed's bicycle stunt team is very happy to have her teach us the importance of a concussion and how serious they really are. Concussion awareness and bicycle safety are just as important as being Bully Free and Drug Free. All four of them can do very harmful things to your life.

    The Dialed Action Sports BMX Stunt Team is a perfect bicycle safety role model, for your students. Our BMX stunt shows are guaranteed to leave lasting impressions with the students about why they should wear their helmets and pads. We'll also go over some examples of injuries that some our riders have had in their career, as an example of what could happen.

To book our team for a Bicycle Safety school assembly show, please feel free to contact us.


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Stunt Show

  • 120x20 riding area (plus audience space).
  • Blacktop, Concrete, or Gymnasium floors preferred. Grass is acceptable but not preferred.
  • One standard electrical outlet within 100 ft.
  • Can perform up to 4 shows per day.


Stunt Show

  • 30X30 riding area (plus audience space).
  • All surfaces acceptable. Grass, concrete, had packed dirt, gymnasium floor.
  • One standard electrical outlet within 100 ft.
  • Can perform up to 4 shows per day.

Why Hire Team Dialed’s BMX Stunt Show for your next event?

Having professional entertainment at your event should leave a lasting impression with your audience, long after they leave. With over 70% of our clients requesting us to return to their events year after year, we guarantee that the job will get done right. Our BMX stunt team is dedicated to professionalism, respect, and hard work.

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