Anti-Bullying Programs for BMX School Assemblies

Available Topics for School Assemblies and Youth Programs

BMX Anti-Bullying Programs for School Assemblies

    In todays society, bullying has become a major problem for kids. The key to combating the bullying epidemic is education. In order to prevent bullying, we must convey to children the damaging effects it can have on many lives. In order to do our part to help, Dialed Action Sports Team offers anti-bullying programs and school assemblies throughout New JerseyPennsylvania, New York, Maryland and beyond. The show is designed to both entertain and inform students, and it is not a program they will soon forget. Our bike show is typically talked about for weeks after the show. All of this while providing a powerful message to you kids about anti-bullying, being drug free, bicycle safety and responsible choices.

    Our BMX stunt show will not only show the victims but also the offenders why it's bad to be a bully and how it affects people. Everyone has witnessed a bully in their lives, but being bullied at a young age can drive kids to make the wrong decisions in the future. Here at the Dialed Action Sports Team, we have a great message and a positive way to relay our anti-bullying messages. We have a system called the 3 Rs to help the students at your elementary or middle school remember our message. The 3 Rs are

Recognize: We teach your students how to identify what bullying is, whether it's psychical, verbal or online.

Refuse: Our BMX team will explain to them why being a bully is bad and how it can affect them and even more so the victims.

React: The most important part of our message is to React. This is where we'll explain to them the importance of telling someone, whether its a friend, a teacher, a parent or your Principal. We want your school students to know that there are people who care and that there is help out there for you or someone that you know of being bullied.

In addition, Our BMX stunt team will explain in a fun way to kids the effects of bullying and where it can lead you.

Here are some key points that we will go over with your students:

  • Why bullying is bad and how it affects others and yourself.
  • What you can do if you're being bullied.
  • Where life could lead you from bullying.
  • We explain to them how it hurts others, tremendously.
  • We will explain to them that there is no need to bully others and to try to look at things in a positive way, not negative.

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Stunt Show

  • 120x20 riding area (plus audience space).
  • Blacktop, Concrete, or Gymnasium floors preferred. Grass is acceptable but not preferred.
  • One standard electrical outlet within 100 ft.
  • Can perform up to 4 shows per day.


Stunt Show

  • 30X30 riding area (plus audience space).
  • All surfaces acceptable. Grass, concrete, had packed dirt, gymnasium floor.
  • One standard electrical outlet within 100 ft.
  • Can perform up to 4 shows per day.