This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. How do I book a show?
-We get this question all the time. Call us or fill out this contact form with the details of your event. We will check our team schedules, confirm availability, create a quote, and get a contract to you for review.

What do the shows cost?
-Pricing a show is a surprisingly complicated matrix that considers location of the show, show quantity, length of the event, days of the week, show type, travel routes, etc… We would be happy to give you a custom price quote for your event. Contact us today to learn more.

How do I make sure the event is properly advertised?
-We’ll help with that. After an event contract is signed, we’ll send you a link to all the tools you'll need to properly advertise the event. This kit includes:
-High resolution images
-Links to several teaser videos
-A program description
-Program logos
-A printable “coming soon” poster template

What if I have flexible dates for my event?
-That’s great. We are often able to offer discounted pricing when your dates are flexible.

Do your teams carry insurance?
-Yes, all of our teams carry a minimum $1M liability policy. Proof of coverage will be provided for each booking and you may have your entity named as an additional insured.

What do you need me to provide?
-We pride ourselves on self-sufficiency. Our teams bring just about everything needed for the show. All we need is a riding area of 30x30 (mtb) or 120x20 (bmx) and one standard power outlet within 100ft of performance area. We do the rest.

Can shows only be held outdoors?
-Nope, we can ride indoors or out. We even bring padding to protect gym floors! Indoor shows require standard double-door access (with center column removed) and minimum 15ft ceilings.

What if it rains?
-As mentioned above, we are able to move indoors in the event of rain (*see requirements for indoor shows). Alternatively, when no indoor option is available, event promoters may choose to reserve a rain date.

How long are the shows?
-Our family entertainment programs generally run 25-30 minutes. Including pre-show music and post show autographs, total engagement time runs about 45 minutes.
-The positive message of our youth programs extend the show slightly totaling 30-35 minutes. We can lengthen the show, sign autographs, or do a Q&A for schools looking to fill an entire class period.
-Our premier shows are custom choreographed for each booking. Average run-time 45 mins.

I want the show but don’t have any money for it!
-We can help!
-Registered 501c3 groups may qualify for local grant funding. We provide you the tools to pursue this local funding.
-For our for-profit clients, we provide a kit outlining all the ways a local business may benefit by sponsoring our show at your event. We have worked with banks, grocers, dentists and bike shops to feature their business in front of an engaged crowd of their local customers.

Do you have any references?
Tons! Contact us and we will send you a bunch.


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