8 Steps to avoid bullies

1. Do not draw attention to yourself (e.g. try to act “cool”, or do outrageous things), this makes it more satisfying for the bully to bring you down.

2. Do not fight back! This is inevitably the worse thing you can do when dealing with bullies. This will create more repercussions, which is the last thing you want.

3. Don’t talk to them. Leave them alone. Talking to them will give them a chance to be even more mean or disrespectful to you.

4. Don’t react to the bully’s rude remarks. If he or she calls you names or makes fun of you in any way, don’t ignore him or her, just smile and walk away. You need to make sure that you do not express any distress or the bully will thrive off this.

5. Bear in mind that if the bully has a group of friends that follow him or her, it’s most likely they are his or her friends involuntarily. Try to make small talk with them when they are alone. Listen to them and be genuinely interested in what they are saying. After all, the more people you have on your side the better.

6. Do not give them the attention they clearly want. Bullies want attention, as well as them being jealous, mad, disliked, and possibly insecure. Know that many, many people in this world think that the only reason why bullies act “that way” is because they are insecure about themselves. This could be true, and it could not be true. Either way, keep in mind that they want attention. Don’t tell the bully that they are insecure, follow these steps above and don’t give them the attention they want.7. Kill them with kindness. This means to say something nice “back to them” when they insult you. For example, if they make fun of your hair, which is probably the least they will do, tell them that you like their hair as well. Whatever you do, be sure to stand up for yourself and others, but don’t be mean. You will get in trouble and keep in mind that it can easily backfire, no matter how much they do it and remain untouched. 

8. Don’t be scared of the bully. One of the reasons you may actually desire to avoid them is, yes, because of the bullying, but also because you may be scared of the bully. Realize that they are human, and there is not one reason to be scared of them, even if they are violent. If you are still scared, do not show them that.
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