Bicycle Stunt Shows in Ohio

After a 7 hour drive, the Dialed Action Sports Team just arrived to Lewistown, Ohio where we have 1 bicycle stunt show at 9:30am tomorrow (May 15, 2012).  At these BMX school assemblies we will have professional BMX riders Zack Gerber, Jason Perz and Brian Cunningham. Our BMX stunt show will be going over bike safety and anti-bullying messages to help the students gain more knowledge on this important topics. After our show tomorrow, the team will be heading to Columbus, Ohio to check out the Seattle Bike Supply warehouse and pick up some Redline Bike parts. Being that Zack and Brian both ride for Redline, this will be a good little pit stop. We are also hoping to go riding at some local skateparks near by.Are you ready to have the Dialed Action Sports Team perform at your event/school? Contact Us today to receive more information. 



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