BMX Bicycle Stunt Shows in NY.

This Labor Day weekend the Dialed Action Sports Team was in Staten Island, NY. to perform our BMX bicycle stunt shows. We had 4 action-packed bike shows per day starting August 31, 2013 to September 2, 2013. We performed at the Richmond County Fair and this is actually our 5th year doing BMX stunt shows here. We had another amazing year and can’t wait till next year. This year we spiced it up a bit to make the shows different from the previous years. This year the Dialed Action Sports Team brought our 9 foot tall 1/4 and our 5 foot tall box jump to perform on. To make the show even more different we brought in our good friend Wake Schepman who is a rollerblader. This kid is 16 years old and and he is not afraid to throw down some crazy stunts. We also had professional BMX riders Brian Cunningham and Doug Morrison riding with announcer Ryan Davis hyping up the crowd. Lots of tricks were performed and many victims…. I mean volunteers were jumped over. Can’t wait until next year at the Richmond County Fair in Staten Island, NY.



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