BMX, Inline and Skateboard Stunt Shows in Manhattan, NYC.

Well, on Monday February 25th, 2013 the Dialed Action Sports Team will be performing an action-packed performance with BMX, inline and skateboarding. We will be performing this stunt show at the Big Apple of Manhattan, NYC at the Manhattan Day School for a fun-filled elementary school assembly. This will be the first time that the Dialed Action Sports Team gets to put an inline skater into our shows. We’ll also be using inline skaters and skateboarders next month for a car show that we’ll be at. This extreme sports show on Monday is on 75th street in Manhattan, right near Central Park at 2:30pm. Our BMX, inline and skateboarding shows will consist of Brian Cunningham, John Saxton, Keith Schmidt and Jimmy Hake and Danny the skateboard guy. We will be talking to the kids in the middle of our show about the importance of pads and helmets. We’ll also be stressing the fact that we are trained professionals and that they shouldn’t go home and try these tricks. We are looking forward to a great show and of course some sight seeing around Times Square. It’s never fun driving in the city with a trailer and a truck, but it just makes the adventure even better, haha. Stay tuned for photos and videos from this show. We will be posting photos on Facebook and Instagram on Monday from the show.For more information about our BMX bike shows, please feel free to visit our Home Page or Contact Us.




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