BMX School Assembly Programs in Illinois

On March 14, 2012 the Dialed Action Sports Team will be performing our educational BMX school assembly programs in Glenbrook, Illinois. At this BMX school  show we will be teaching the students at the elementary school about Bicycle Safety and Anti-Bullying. These 2 subjects are currently our most popular themes to talk about at schools. Our BMX stunt team will be performing 2 BMX assemblies starting at 12:05 and then again at 12:55. Kids all over the country need good role models to look up to and thats where our BMX stunt shows come into play. Kids these days love action sports and some kids even ride a bike, skateboard or inline skate. So, being that they can relate to what we are doing, there is a better chance of making a positive impact on the elementary school students.For information about our BMX School Assembly Programs, please feel free to “Contact Us” today.



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