BMX Stunt Shows in Dehli, India

The Dialed Action Sports Team has finished up our 4th trip to India for BMX stunt shows. This year we were in Dehli, India with Jimmy Hake, Kevin Teets and Brian Cunningham. This year may have been the most fun trip over there so far. We got to see a bunch of things that we never seen before while there. We got to experience so much over there and learn about the Indian culture. It’s a bit of a different life style then here in America but that’s what makes this world so awesome is our diversity. We also had to build a launch ramp which again this year was a challenge. The lumber we had was very dense and hard to bend and get the screws through. However, we mentioned to make it happen and the ramp turned out to be amazing! We performed for an event called Buddy Daddy Family Bash and the event organizers love us and we love them. The flights over there are no fun, but once you get there and meet all the Indian people it is all worth it. Below is a photo of team owner and rider Brian Cunningham doing a back flip while hitting a drone flying in the air. The drone was not supposed to be that close to the ramps, but luckily no body got hurt and the drone somehow survived.India BMX Shows




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