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From: Glassboro, NJ School ( October 8, 2010) Hi Brian!! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with me (Keith flying over us is a winner!!) – absolutely fantastic! But the real treat was the video on your website – now that was awesome!! Had so much fun watching it and recalling what a BEAUTIFUL day we had from start to finish…the kids absolutely loved it! After you all left, I spoke witha number of my colleagues and they said it was one of the best rally’s we have ever had…now that’s a compliment! It was my pleasure to be able to provide you with some “treats”…nothing big deal but just a simple way to show our appreciation for making the trip to our little part of the world…you all work so hard, I don’t think people realize how physical and mental it is for the riders (not to mention Nathan, the charismatic emcee!!) I am sending along a few pics as well…we took some of the same shots so I’ll refrain from the duplicates…You know I will be talking your team up whenever possible…it was such a pleasure getting to meet all of you…I hope that if you are in the South Jersey area, you will let me know so I can help emcee the show, uh, I mean, cheer you on!! (Sorry Nathan! lol!) Please say hello to Nathan Smoyer , Keith Mcelhinney , David DeBuono & Joey Branford for me!! Wishing you continued success in all that you do Brian – keep in touch!! Mary

From: Fall Festival, in PA. (October 2, 2010) Brian, I was very impressed with how talented you all are. It was an exciting show that targeted a broad audience. I enjoy seeing the smiles on everyone’s face as they watched you all perform. We were a little worried about the rain we received days prior to the event, but it all worked out in the end and we appreciate you working around the big mud puddles. =) Overall, it was a great addition to this type of event. We hope to do even more shows at the event next year. I was fortunate to watch bits and pieces of every show. You guys are great! Kristy

From: Balloon Festival (September 18-19, 2010) Hi Brian, We are so happy Dialed Action Sports Team was part of our event. We truly were happy with your professionalism both in your performance and how easy it was to work with you. It was great fun to watch the children as you did the stunts — it added to the “family” part of our event. Personally, I am very pleased with how it all worked out. This was our first year at this venue and our first year back after taking a year off. We didn’t really know just what to expect and of course lots of it depends on the weather. The BMX added a whole new dimension to what started as a balloon event, and then we had added a few air show attractions, and now it all tied together with the BMX and other things on the ground (well, you were most of the time! :-) And when I misunderstood after talking with you the first time about the cost of having you here, you worked with us and made it affordable to do the 5 shows with 3 guys and that truly was appreciated. And one more thing, I appreciated your announcer closing your shows with “God bless”. Thank you, Brian, Sandy


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