Dialed Action Sports Team had an awesome BMX Bike Show today!

The Dialed Action Sports Team was in Macungie, PA. today performing BMX Bike Shows at a classic car show. We performed at this event last year but, unfortunately it wasn’t as sunny and beautiful out as it was today. It was a little rainy last year, so we took for advantage of the great weather this year and showed the town of Macungie a great BMX Bike Stunt Show.  Unfortunately, Dennis Cage from “My Classic Cars” on Speed TV ( the guy with the crazy white mustache) wasn’t there this year. Last year we got to do a back flip over him sitting on a chair, on top of the ramp.Riders Steve (Wildman) Weiler, Jason Shmuck and Brian Cunningham were throwing down some of the craziest tricks. Steve Weiler throw down a nice 360 tail whip and a huge double tail whip (kicking the bike around twice). Both tricks are very impressive. We also had Jason Shmuck throwing down some awesome 360 variations, tail whip airs and big back flips. Brian Cunningham (Team owner) got to jump over 10 brave volunteers laying down on the ground. He also got to do a back flip over someone sitting in a chair.Thanks Macungie for the great show, and we hope to see you next year.

Dennis Gage Backflip


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