Dialed Action Sports Unveils New BMX Athlete Apparel for 2024

Dialed Action Sports is thrilled to unveil a fresh and exciting change in our BMX athlete’s appearance with custom riding apparel by the upstart Maryland-based brand, Enthrown. The new company is producing top-quality motorcycle and bicycle apparel, Enthrown’s collaboration with Dialed Action Sports is an exciting update for our look.

Our athletes are known for their high-flying stunts and remarkable performances, and now, they have a stylish and functional wardrobe to match their skills. The first shipment of athletic tops from Enthrown has already been tried and approved by Dialed Action’s performance teams.

Stay tuned as we unveil additional pieces of our new rider apparel line, ensuring our athletes not only perform at their best but also look the part.

Dialed Action Sports has always been about pushing boundaries and setting new standards, and our new rider apparel is no exception.


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