Educational BMX School Assemblies for Red Ribbon Week

The Dialed Action Sports Team’s BMX Stunt Show will be in Seneca Falls, NY.on October 26, 2010 for an Educational BMX School Assembly. During the Red Ribbon Week, it is very important to talk to the students about being drug free, why they’re bad, and how they can affect your life goals. It’s important that you teach your kids the importance of being drug free before it’s to late. That’s where are BMX School Assembly comes into play. Our BMX Bike Stunt Show is geared towards not only impressing the kids with our tricks, but to show them in a positive, none preachy way, that drugs are bad for you. To have an Educational BMX School Assembly at your school, please contact us, today. Our BMX Stunt Team is guaranteed to leave lasting impressions, and we’ll be the talk of the week at school.

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