Elementary and Middle School BMX Assemblies

Well, the Dialed Action Sports Team hit the road again on April 19, 2011 for 3 educational BMX school assemblies. We were schedule for a school show in Floyds Knob, IN. on April 20, 2011 but due to a small tornado warning and a crazy thunderstorm, they had to cancel school the for the day. Apparently, parts of the town lost power for a few hours. Crazy!<However, we were able to do a little bit of site seeing in Louisville, KY. The Dialed Action Sports Team went to a local skatepark and shredded with the locals, then went to the Muhammad Ali Center. Our BMX stunt team then headed south to Centerville, TN for an April 21, 2011 middle school assembly. These kids were wonderful, loud and awesome to be around. After that BMX show we head south east to Hiawasse, GA. for an April 22, 2011 elementary school assembly. Again, the kids were screaming louder then ever. Maybe it’s just the south, but they are so loud and we love it! Along our trip to Ga. we found an amazing town called Helena, GA which is a tourist area. So we stopped and walked around the town and took photos. That’s one of the best parts of traveling.Our BMX stunt team for those school assemblies consisted of Nathan Smoyer, Josh Kirltand, Brian Cunningham and Alex Landeros. We will be following up with some AMAZING photos from the tour soon.For more information about our BMX stunt shows, please feel free to Contact Us and also please check out our other websites. www.HighActionBikes.com www.BMXstuntTeams.com




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