Dialed Action Sports Revs Up NASCAR Races with Thrilling Audience Activation Events at Nashville Superspeedway

Location: Nashville Superspeedway – Nashville, TN

Dialed Action Sports was enlisted to produce a series of audience activation events during this year’s NASCAR races held at the Nashville Superspeedway. Stealing the spotlight were none other than the Farrar brothers, reigning North American Champions—Sean and Ian Farrar. These two remarkable athletes, respectively ranked #1 and #2, demonstrated their exceptional mountain biking prowess throughout race weekend.

Witnesses were left in awe as our riders skillfully maneuvered their bikes and bodies across their specially designed riding structures. The sight of their breathtaking feats left the crowds stunned and exhilarated. Fearless audience members had the chance to get up close and personal, even becoming part of the show by volunteering as human speed bumps!

A huge thank you to NASCAR and the Nashville Superspeedway for entrusting Dialed Action Sports with this incredible opportunity. The collaboration was a testament to our commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences to audiences of all kinds.


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