New Jersey BMX School Assemblies

The cold winter months make it hard for the Dialed Action Sports Team to perform our BMX school assemblies outside. So, on January 12, 2018 we will be setting up inside the Nellie Bennett Elementary School in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. This is our 3rd year performing at this school and it’s always a pleasure. This year our BMX team will be talking to the kids about the importance of bicycle safety, which includes helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and even gloves. We want to get the point across to the kids that helmets can actually save your life as long as you wear them. At this BMX assembly we will also be talking to the students about anti-bullying and how horrible it really is. We’ll show the students cool ways to avoid bullying and how to deal with a bully, if it happens. It is todays biggest problem in youth and we want to show kids that there is so much in life and to work together, not against each other.If you are a school looking for an anti-bullying message or something similar, feel free to contact us for more information and pricing.




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