Recognize, Refuse and React to Bullying!

In this day and age everyone gets bullied whether it’s at school or in the workforce. The biggest thing is knowing what bullying is. So, we have designed a simple thing called the 3 R’s to help kids and adults deal with bullies. You first need to recognize what a bullying is. For example someone could saying things to in a joking manner and it’s all fun and games. Or someone could be saying something to actually hurt your feelings.  There is also verbal bullies, physical bullies and cyber bullies online. The next step is to refuse bullying. Refuse to be apart of bullying by not taking part in making fun of someone who clearly doesn’t enjoy it. Be the bigger persona and lead by example. Last but not least is to react to bullying. You want to react to it by telling your mom, dad, a friend, your principal, boss, etc. Get someone involved to put a stop to it instead of scooping to their level by calling them names back or fighting them. That does not solve the problem. Talk with your PTA or PTO also as they are there to help you!   Recognize, Refuse and React!




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