Anti-Bullying School Assembly Programs

Are you looking for an anti-bullying school assembly program that will make a positive and meaningful impact with your students? The Dialed Action Sports Team delivers just that, plus much, much more. Our anti-bullying program has 3 key building words that we relay to your students.1. Recognize…The first step is to recognize that you are bullying others or that you, yourself is being bullied.2. Refuse…Step two is to refuse to take part in bullying. Refuse to scoop to their level and give in.3. React…Step three is to react, by telling a teacher, parent or even a friend that there is bullying going on and that it needs to stop.Lets work together in the fight against bullying, by showing your students the harmful effects from bullying. We will also show them ways to avoid being bullied, without giving a reaction to the person who is bullying.For more information about our BMX stunt shows, please feel free to Contact Us and also please check out our other websites. www.BMXstuntTeams.comPhotobucket




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