School Assembly Programs in Oil City and Erie, PA.

On June 6, 2011 the Dialed Action Sports Team will continue with their travels and head to Oil City and Erie, PA for some launch ramp, BMX school assembly programs. We will first stop in Oil City, PA. where we have an 11:00am school assembly. We then head north to Erie, PA. for another action-packed school assembly program at 2:15pm. Our BMX stunt team has been traveling around the east coast performing at school assemblies, whether it be to help educate them or as a year end prize. Either way, our BMX bike shows are super happy to be apart of each one of them. We have a bunch of school assembly programs that are coming up in the following 2 weeks.For more information about our BMX stunt shows, please feel free to Contact Us and also please check out our other websites.

School Assembly BMX Shows
Those are some Brave volunteers!



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