Drug Awareness Programs

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Drug Awareness School Assemblies

Red Ribbon Week BMX School Assemblies in NJ, PA, NY, CT

    At a young age, it is very easy for your friends to talk you into or push you into trying drugs, which is known as "Peer Pressure". Our BMX Stunt Team understands the importance of being drug-free and what it means to try to live a healthy lifestyle.

    As such, we have dedicated part of our professional lives to educating children about the detrimental effects of using drugs. We'll show how drugs can negatively affect their lives, and how they can be a major hurdle to achieving your dreams.

    Our professional BMX Stunt team will provide an entertaining show for students, while also explaining the countless benefits of living a drug free life. By educating children on the pitfalls of peer pressure and drug use, we hope to provide them with knowledge needed to say NO in the future.

Here are some key points that we will go over with your students.

1. Why drugs are bad for yourself and others.

2. How they can effect your life and others around you.

3. What drugs can do to you physically and mentally.

4. Ways to avoid drugs and JUST SAY NO!

    Making friends with people who don't mess around with drugs makes you smarter and less likely to try drugs. There are many ways to help kids prevent using drugs. You can have the kids prevent using drugs. You can have the kids take up a hobby after school, sports team, join a club, or more importantly spend time pursuing a passion. These are great ways to stay busy and to stay away from drugs.

    To have one of these inspiring BMX drug awareness School Assemblies, please feel free to contact us. Also, feel free to fill out a short Booking Inquiry Form about your school and other details and we'll return your email ASAP.


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Stunt Show

  • 120x20 riding area (plus audience space).
  • Blacktop, Concrete, or Gymnasium floors preferred. Grass is acceptable but not preferred.
  • One standard electrical outlet within 100 ft.
  • Can perform up to 4 shows per day.


Stunt Show

  • 30X30 riding area (plus audience space).
  • All surfaces acceptable. Grass, concrete, had packed dirt, gymnasium floor.
  • One standard electrical outlet within 100 ft.
  • Can perform up to 4 shows per day.

Why Hire Team Dialed’s BMX Stunt Show for your next event?

Having professional entertainment at your event should leave a lasting impression with your audience, long after they leave. With over 70% of our clients requesting us to return to their events year after year, we guarantee that the job will get done right. Our BMX stunt team is dedicated to professionalism, respect and hard work.

Please view our testimonials page to read some wonderful feedback from our past clients.


May 25, 2017
BMX School Shows in CT.

Testimonial From Our Drug Free BMX School Shows in Seymour, CT.

From:  Seymour, CT. May 18, 2017 (Drug Free Messages) Hi Brian! As always everyone enjoyed your shows. Booking process-  The process is very easy and the information provided is spot on. You are always willing to accommodate our requests. BMX Tricks-  The tricks are always thrilling, exciting and professional from Zane Bradley, Colton Civitello and Ian
October 28, 2012

BMX School Assembly Programs in NJ, GA, FL and VA.

The Dialed Action Sports Team has been super busy recently with Red Ribbon Week and Drug Awareness. Our BMX stunt team started our amazing adventure from State College, PA. to Williamstown, NJ. on October 18, 2012. Then to Valhalla, NY. on October 19th to Paramus, NJ. on October 21st. Then we visited 2 elementary schools
August 15, 2012

2012/2013 Florida BMX School Assemblies

The Dialed Action Sports Team not only performs our BMX school assemblies in the northeast, but we also perform in the sunshine state of Florida all year round.So, if you are in the state of Florida and would like to have an action-packed BMX school assembly program during the 2012/2013 school year, then please feel
April 25, 2012

BMX Stunt Shows in Ohio

The Dialed Action Sports Team just finished up 2 action-packed BMX school assemblies in Arcanum, Ohio. We performed for elementary, middle and high school students. We relayed some messages to the middle school and high school kids about Drug Awareness and for the elementary students we talked about Anti-Bullying. We are now on our way to
September 1, 2011

BMX School Assembly Programs in Confluence, PA.

On September 2, 2011 the Dialed Action Sports Team will be traveling to Confluence, PA. for a BMX school assembly program. Our bicycle stunt show will begin at 9:30am and will last about 45 minutes long. At this school assembly we will have professional BMX stunt riders Keith Schmidt and Brian Cunningham (owner/rider). These guys
May 8, 2011
Flatland BMX Stunt Shows

BMX School Assemblies in Turtle Creek, PA.

Our BMX school assembly stunt team will be in Turtle Creek, PA. on May 11th, 2011. We’ll be performing 2 outstanding BMX Flatland shows with 2 professional riders (Joey Branford & Tony Stickler) and 1 charismatic announcer (Nathan Smoyer). At our BMX school assembly in Pennsylvania, we will also be providing 2 types of inspirational
January 26, 2011

BMX School Assembly Programs

The Dialed Action Sports Team knows what it takes to make a positive impact on your students. We provide powerful and inspirational, BMX School Assembly Programs about Drug Awareness, Bicycle Safety, Anti- Bullying, and Responsible Choices. It’s important to show your students that with hard work and living a healthy lifestyle, it will pay off. Our BMX Stunt
January 18, 2011

BMX Drug Awareness Programs

The Dialed Action Sports Team knows the importance of being drug free and living a healthy lifestyle. We feel it is very important to show kids today exactly how dangerous they really are and how they can effect their lives. The Dialed Action Sports Team’s Drug Awareness Program is a powerful and inspirational show that