BMX Bike Team was apart of the Guinness Book of World Records

The Dialed Action Sports Team’s BMX Stunt Shows was a proud sponsor of  the World’s Largest Pie fight on Sat. Oct. 16th. This pie fight was an attempt to beat the world record in the  Guinness Book of 434 people. Unfortunately, the event didn’t get to break the record this time, but it was defiantly a great time. There were 1,200 pies lined up and over 300 people ready to start throwing them and when they did, it was MESSY. Everyone was covered in pie from head to toe. This was one of the only times you can throw a pie at someone and get away with it haha. They will attempt this world record again in the near future. This event was hosted by our announcer Nathan Smoyer.

Guinness book of world records, for the largest pie fight


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