Team Dialed BMX show booking BMX school assemblies

The Dialed Action Sports Team is now booking educational and fun, BMX bike shows for school assemblies.With our professional BMX bike riders from the world’s famous Woodward Camp in PA, you can be sure that Team Dialed will get the job done right. Our team will not only impress the kids and staff with some of the BIGGEST tricks in the sport of BMX but we also give them messages. We provide the kids with messages about 1 or all of the following; Staying in school, being drug free, anit-bullying, & picking the right friends.With action sports growing bigger and bigger every year, and more and more kids riding bikes, it’s a no brainer that your kids will enjoy every minute of our show.Also,with our mega jump ramp we can actually fit in most school gymnasiums with double wide doors. To have Team Dialed BMX perform at your school, call or email us today for more information.Thank you,Brian Cunningham

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