From: Seymour, CT. May 18, 2017 (Drug Free Messages)
Hi Brian!

As always everyone enjoyed your shows.
Booking process- The process is very easy and the information provided is spot on. You are always willing to accommodate our requests.
BMX Tricks- The tricks are always thrilling, exciting and professional from Zane Bradley, Colton Civitello and Ian Bradley. The action sports athletes you bring leave nothing on the table and always throw down big tricks for our kids. Always awesome!
Professionalism- The entire Dialed Action Sports Team is always professional, polite, courteous and accommodating.
Messages- Your messages are always presented in a manner that our students understand and remember. It is always a clear, easy and informative message that is current.
Favorite Parts: The entire experience is my favorite part! Most of all seeing the students smile, laugh and enjoy the performances. Always leaves us wanting more!
Kids reactions: Our students thoroughly enjoyed the performances. They care still talking about it and how they saw “real BMX guys” LOL They enjoyed it Brian, as always!
As always it was a great experience! That is why we keep having you all come back! Never disappointed!!! Thanks again Brian! ~~~ Rich Kearns

From: Paterson, NJ. April 13, 2017 (Anti-Bullying Messages)

Dialed Action Sports Team are truly amazing at what they do! They are full of energy and very enthusiastic. This is our 3rd year bringing them back to our school and they never fail to amaze us! Our staff and students love to see the Dialed Action Sports Team perform their breathtaking moves! The Dialed Action Sports Team brings more than just flips on a bike, they bring a strong ANTI-BULLYING message. They are passionate about setting that message across and they do it well! Staff and students look forward in having them at our school! We are grateful to have them perform at our school!
Thanks again!

From: Greenburg, PA. November 22, 2016 (Anti-Bullying School Assembly)
Hi Brian,
The assembly yesterday was fantastic! The team that came put on a great show! They also discussed 2 important topics with the kids (bike safety and bullying). Thanks so much for making the trip to our school, we can’t wait to have you back!

From: Rahway, NJ. November 1, 2016 (Anti-Bullying School Assembly)
Hi Brian
Just wanted to say thank you to you and your talented riders. It was a great show, the kids enjoyed it and the staff did too! We will definitely be bringing you back in the future.
Thanks again!

From: Greenbrook, NJ. October 14, 2016 (Anti-Bullying School Assembly)
Hey Brian,
What a fantastic day you provided to GBMS on October 14! Kids and teachers loved your show with your team that are so talented and amazing. This is an assembly that will be one of the ones that both students and teachers will remember forever!
Thank you for making the entire experiences seamless and flawless!
Melissa Noble

From: Ramsey, NJ. October 6, 2016 (Anti-Bullying School Assembly)
Thanks Brian! We had a blast watching you guys today…your riders are very talented! The kids were so excited and loved the stunts!! I love how you included the teachers and got the crowd going!! This is an awesome assembly!!
I also sent you an email with some pictures and a video clip of today! Check out our twitter account @Hubbard_School or @tchanatski for more pictures and clips!!
Thanks again!!

From: Nazareth, PA. September 27, 2016 (Anti-Bullying School Assembly)
Hello Brian,
Thank you for an amazing assembly, sorry I was unable to meet you.
I wanted to ask if I could possibly be sent a few signed posters to be given to students as prizes for showing the 3 R’s and if you have a poster with the 3 R’s.
The children understood them well.
Let me know and I will give you the address to send them.
Looking forward to next year.
Thank you,

From: McGraw, NY. September 13, 2016 (Anti-Bullying School Assembly)
Good morning Brian-
Thanks for coming to McGraw yesterday- it was a great afternoon! Everyone was very positive about the show and I’ll pass on any pictures I can. I did have one of my staff suggest that maybe have an option for a school to purchase posters to give to all of the students- and then have the special autographs saved for the students who get the trivia questions correct. We have two students- on the autism spectrum- who were having a tough time understanding why they couldn’t have posters too. Some students don’t understand the concept of “winning” things, etc. Just a suggestion. Otherwise- it was a wonderfully entertaining event for our students to experience during the first full week of school.
Thank you for the opportunity!
Susan Prince, Principal
McGraw Elementary School

From: Norwalk, CT. September 30, 2016 (Anti-Bullying School Assembly)
Hi Brian,
I just wanted to let you know how much everyone at Wolfpit loved the performance yesterday! Unfortunately I could not be there, as I had to work. But multiple people commented to me that it was an amazing show and that the kids were engaged and excited the entire time.
Thanks so much
Wolfpit School
Norwalk, CT.

From: Brooklyn, NY. October 6, 2016 (Anti-Bullying School Assembly)
Hi Brian,
Just wanted to thank you and the riders for an amazing assembly yesterday. Everyone loved it!
Here is the link were we posted the video: https://vid.me/ps176k
Thanks again and have a great weekend!
Marianne Belmonte
Guidance Counselor
P.S. 176 School Brooklyn, NY.

From: Pine Beach, NJ. August 2, 2016 (Drug Awareness Event)
The show was awesome and I believe the highlight of night. The kids and grownups alike loved it and I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback. Once I get the pictures up I’ll send them to you but here’s some videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-x6ERJv6HjHy–2MV4IgAugYYWtXg3oc
We will definitely have you back!

From: Presque Isle, ME. May 27, 2016 (Elementary School BMX Assemblies)
Hi Brian,
Sorry it took me so long to respond! Busy end of the school year here! The performances were awesome!! There could of been a little less talking, and a little more riding but, it was great. The kids loved it, the staff loved it and the guys were great and professional. Another great experience with your company! Hope to do it again! Thank you! Have a good summer!
Emily Peers

From: Howell, NJ. June 13, 2016 (Elementary School BMX Assemblies)
Hi Brian,
The assembly was a huge hit with the students and the staff too. Kevin, Corey and Alex put on a great show! The kids really loved seeing the stunts and especially those involving the teachers and principal.
I spoke with our principal Dr. Quinn after the assembly, and he really liked Kevin’s story about bullying, and the three R’s. It’s a great way for the kids to remember that you can make a difference.
We had lots of great feedback on our PTA page, and several of the boys went home and asked for BMX bikes for upcoming birthdays. The girls also really enjoyed the show too. If I had to pick one word that the kids used to describe the Action Sports Team, it would be “cool”!
Thank you for helping to make the end of the year at Newbury School memorable!

From: Brooklyn, NY. May 27, 2016 (Elementary School BMX Assemblies)
The show was amazing. Every person connected with Dialed Action Sports Team were very professional and polite and put on a great show. The kids were very excited to see the guys perform awesome tricks and especially got excited to see the bike tricks involving the students and teachers. It was by far the best assembly we have had at the school and worth every penny.
Nishani Pierre-Louis

From: Ridgeland, SC. May 19, 2016 (Elementary School BMX Assemblies)
Hi Brian,
This was one of the coolest things our kids have ever seen! They were talking about it until the last day of school. Many of our students don’t get to go many places, even to the beach that’s 30 minutes away. They had an amazing time and loved every minute. We appreciate you guys working with us in the rain too.
I will be switching over to Beaufort county next year and will make sure that my new principal will be getting In touch with you. Thanks again!
Richelle Youmans

From: Oley Valley, PA. June 8, 2016 (Elementary School BMX Assemblies)
You and your team truly out did yourselves! Thank you so much for making Oley Elementary’s last day of school so awesome! Even the weather could not put a damper on this show!
I am so sorry I had to leave during the 2nd assembly, my kindergartener became sick. I was able to see the jump over Mr. Broskey from a friend’s cell. Super cool! I wish you and your team a safe and great summer! 🙂
Missy McIlwain

From: Lawerence, NY. May 15, 2016 (Middle School BMX Assemblies)
Hi Brian,

Here’s are a few pics from our wonderful assembly. The students were in awe, the teachers were impressed with your “making Good Choices & Safety messages”. Your friendly, welcoming team made this event a huge success!
Thank you,
Gina Loch

From: Chatham, NY. June 3, 2016 (Middle School BMX Assemblies)
Hi Brian,

Thank you so much for this day, Arbor Day at Chatham Middle School! The three of you were awesome!
Again, thank you!

From: Gibsonia, PA. October 23, 2015 (Elementary School Assemblies)
Hi Brian,

We really enjoyed the BMX shows. The kids (and adults alike) really enjoyed all of the tricks. The messaging portion was concise but seemed to enough for the kids.
Thank you.
Jen Katzfey

From: Clemonton, NJ. October 22, 2015 (Elementary School Assemblies)
Hi Brian,

Thank you so much for that awesome assembly you put on for the kids. I struggle with assemblies because I always attempt to find something with a great message that the students will also focus on. There have been assemblies in the past that have a great message but a horrible delivery. The Dialed Action Sports Team combined a great message with an engaging performance. The students loved how you acknowledged the crowd and brought their teachers into the show. The 3R message that you discussed was incorporated into the work of many of the Language Arts teachers’ writing assignments. I had a few conversations with students about the importance of practice and never giving up. After your crew discussed how long it takes to master a trick students shared with me how hard they need to practice to be great at whatever they do, even if it wasn’t doing backflips on a bike! The whole show was amazing. Thank you so much for making the booking process easy. I hope to work with you and your crew again.
Mr. Steve Boianelli
School Counselor

From: Media, PA. September 11, 2015 (Elementary School Assembly)
Hello Brian,

On behalf of the students and faculty at Rose Tree Elementary, I wanted to thank you for bringing the Dialed Action Sports Team to our school. The assembly was incredible and very much enjoyed by everyone who were lucky enough to attend. We also appreciated the way in which you were able to incorporate elements of our Positive Behavior Program in the assembly. The skill and athleticism shown by Kyle and Zane was truly impressive.
Hope you like the photo!


From: Glassboro, NJ. October 9, 2014 (Elementary School Assembly)
Dear Brian,
Once again, Dialed Action Sports Team/BMX shows do not disappoint!
I cannot thank you enough for putting together an outstanding Ramp Show for our school.
Your riders, Kyle and Zane were outstanding! Not only are they trained professionals but they
are also full participants in helping to get across the message/theme of the assembly.
You are always fully prepared and open to all of the messages that need to be conveyed – as the
emcee, you understand the value of connecting with your audience and this was evident the whole afternoon.
As you saw from the response by both our students and staff, everyone loved the show!
The kids really enjoyed how you mix in the staff with your show – tons of smiles and applause for
everyone all around!
Thank you Brian for providing us once again with an outstanding program – this was our second show with you and
I anticipate that there will be more in the future!
Wishing you continued success –
Mary Aruffo
Thomas E. Bowe School

From: Mechanicburg, PA October 25, 2014 (Fall Festival)
Good Morning Brian,
I thought you all were great! It was excellent to have you at our event again. I think it really draws the younger crowd and children and parents looked like they were having a good time watching. I got a lot of positive feedback from those who attended. One of the first things they point out is the “Bike Show” and how different that is for them to see. I know that for me seeing it over and over, it never gets old. I think you all improve upon something each year. I did notice that the rider seemed to be going a little higher than what I’m used to seeing. I was looking at pictures and it just amazes me. Anyways, thanks for being a part of the event and we look forward to working with you all again. It’s a great fit for the event.
Parks & Recreation Manager

From: Bald Eagle Area School, PA October 29, 2014 (Middle and High School Assembly)
Brian and his team were so friendly and genuine! Their love and passion for BMX was obvious from the moment they walked into our school. The team shared a great message to our students. They were polite and professional. They ate lunch with our students, which was a huge hit! Their excitement and energy contributed to an excellent performance, we cannot wait for them to come back to BEA!
The booking process was easy and fast!
Our favorite part was all of it! Very well done!
Thank you!
Allison Snyder

From: Spartansburg, PA. April 24, 2014 (Elementary School Assembly)
Hi Brian,
Our students and staff couldn’t have been happier. Your show is always a great event! The tricks are amazing and the kids were awestruck. Their favorite part, I would have to guess, would be involving their teachers!! The kids get such a kick out of that!
Booking this show was an easy and stress free process. Questions are quickly answered, and that is greatly appreciated. Overall, Spartansburg Elementary is grateful we were able to experience the awesome Dialed Action Sports Team BMX show. It’s something our students will never forget!
Thanks so much! ~Adrianna

From: Monaca, PA. April 4, 2014 (Elementary School Assembly)
Hi Brian
Just wanted to tell you that the shows today were AWESOME! The kids and the staff really loved it! I have gotten nothing but good feedback from everyone. The boys were funny and hi fived and fist bumped the riders saying “Awesome!” and the girls…well…the girls hi fived them and then screamed to their girlfriends “I touched him!!!! He touched me!!!” ha ha! So fun was had by all. ha ha.
Your guys were very nice and did a great job! Thank you again! I look forward to having you back again next year.
Kind Regards,

From: Cedar Grove, NJ. October 22, 2014 (Elementary School Assembly)
Hi Brian,
I first would like to thank you again for accommodating us by visiting two schools in our district on the same date (rain or shine)
The ease in which you, Keith Schmidt and Zane Bradley made the booking process, the cost structure, and the logistics of space, really enabled us to get two sets of grade levels to experience this great program. I have booked many programs for the two schools for the past 5 + years and not only were you one of the most engaging school assemblies that the kids have seen, but also one of the most professional to deal with. I appreciated the ability to adjust to our (quite small gym) on the “fly” since our weather was not cooperating that day. Since I was privy to the first show in a bigger gym, I wasn’t sure what the impact would be that day on the smaller sized room. Not one student or staff member would have known that they were missing any “big tricks” because your group’s enthusiasm, professionalism and message was the same in both schools.
Your message of anti-bullying was just enough to make a point (in both school grade levels we requested) and not too much so that the kids tuned out. There is definitely something to be said that all three of you seemed very approachable and likable to young kids. It didn’t hurt that when in a room with all of you, the passion you feel for your sport shines through while you all ride. The staff and especially the student’s picked up on that so much that they are still talking about you almost 3 weeks later. Parents reached out to me to thank us and tell us what a big hit you were. The fact that kids (especially middle school grades) even bothered to mention they loved a program to their parent’s, is how we know we had an impactful, great show.
Thank you again for the ease of bringing this program into our schools and we look forward to having you back in district many years to come!
Jill Spiegel
Cedar Grove FSA Cultural Arts Committee

From: Park Ridge, NJ. September 19, 2014 (Elementary School)
It was so great meeting the 3 of you today.
You guys were amazing. The kids had a blast.
They said it was the best assembly they have ever seen!
I will download the pictures and send them your way.
Thanks so much for a fantastic day
Good luck and be safe at your future assemblies!
I will email you soon.
Thanks again!

From: Chicago, IL. (Block Party) July 12, 2014
I just wanted to get back to you and tell you what a tremendous job the BMX team you sent to our event did. It was definitely 2 professional BMX riders and 1 charismatic announcer (who also performed some stunts of his own!). All three worked the crowd well, were articulate and informative, had a clear message about bicycle safety, and were fun and entertaining. Again, thank you for providing such quality entertainment, and we look forward to partnering again with you in the near future.
Lisa Lendy Hyacinth Street Block Party Committee Member

From: Stafford, VA. (School Assembly Shows) April 18, 2014
Hi Brian,
WOW! This was, by far, one of the best assemblies I have ever seen at school. You were able to merge your show with our “working hard mind-set” in a flawless way that totally supported our Reading Month. Your interactions with the kids were the most positive and genuine we have experienced. The “meet and greet” with autographs for our top readers was a huge success, and the teachers loved the opportunity for students to see what you have accomplished educationally during the question and answer section! The kids were still talking about it after spring break! You and your team are true professionals from the booking process through the performance! We will certainly share this information with our other schools and hope to see you again in Stafford County! We’ve attached some of our pictures of the show! 🙂
Thanks for a great show!!

From: Bristol, CT. (Elementary School) May 5, 2014
Hi Brian,
I’m sorry it’s taken me a week to write this email, but it was a crazy week last week, but everyone just loved your BMX performance!! Teacher’s were coming up to me and thanking me for having you, Ryan & Kyle come to Greene-Hills and they also said that we need more performances like that! All three of you guys deserve a HUGE pat on the back!! 🙂 Thank you all for such a GREAT show, awesome safety advise and for letting me take part in the performance!!
Thank you All again!

From: Hilldale, PA. (Elementary School Assembly) May 21, 2014
Hello Brian, Kyle, and Ryan,
Thank you so much for travelling out to NJ to perform and educate the students of Hilldale School. You are all very well-spoken, full of charisma, and quite talented. My class and I greatly enjoyed the show.
Sincerely, Courtney

From: Bainbridge, PA. Elementary School Show May 27, 2014
This is a link to our district website. Our school media person was taking pictures today, so I am sure he will be publishing some photos this afternoon. https://www.etownschools.org/Domain/1 Thank you for a spectacular performance today! The kids and teachers alike all enjoyed it tremendously. A very talented bunch, you all are!
Thanks again! Kelly

From: Millville, NJ. (Elementary School Assembly) July 10, 2014
The students loved the BMX show and we do have pictures/videos to share. I will send them to you, but it might not be until September. With running the camp and doing the close out reports needed for the grant we used to fund the camp, I am a little stretched.

From: Fairfax, VA. Elementary School Assembly November 8, 2013

Many thanks to you and your team for an awesome anti-bullying assembly last month at Bonnie Brae Elementary School. We all LOVED the show and appreciated the important message about treating others with kindness and respect. You guys are great!!
Bonnie Brae PTO

BMX Stunt Teams

From: Fairfax, VA. Elementary School (November 8, 2013) Hi Brian, I’ll be sending a more formal thank you letter, but just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for an awesome assembly! You guys exceeded my expectations and the the kids and staff were in complete awe. We were all extremely impressed with your talents and your professionalism. It was great working with you guys. If you ever need a reference, please don’t hesitate to contact me…and I’ll be sure to pass along your info to other schools. Safe travels and many thanks again! Jo Hee PTO

From: Lewisburg, PA. Elementary School (October 29, 2013) The assembly at Linntown was fantastic. The kids absolutely loved it! I would highly recommend Dialed Action Sports to any school for an assembly which includes a serious message such as anti-bullying, yet manages to hold the students attention the entire time! Well done!! Jen Sanders PTO

From: Brookville, PA. High School Shows (October 21, 2013) Hi, Brian, PATHS would like to thank you both for providing an amazing program for our students! Brian – thank you for bringing out the best riders! They were so inspiring to our students. Mr. Rocco – the students were amazing! Thanks for working with our organization to bring in this program. Thanks again for a great day! ~ Laurelee Sent from my iPhone

From: Cedarhurst, NY. Elementary School (September 16, 2013) Hi Brian, Your welcome 🙂 I will definitely be in touch with you about next year. Your assembly is a favorite for the kids & the staff which is awesome! Thanks, Dawn

From: New Market, Maryland, Middle School (May 22, 2013) Brian – Deer Crossing was thrilled by the show. We thought the guys were awesome in every way. The kids absolutely loved it! Thanks so much! Susan Sedillo DCES PTA Programs Chair

From: Camp Hill, PA. Highland Elementary School (May 22, 2013) Hi, Brian, We were thrilled with the show! From booking to the final wave goodbye – Dialed Action Sports Team was responsive to all communications and clear about expectations, not to mention absolutely engaging and entertaining for the kids! This show will certainly be on our short list for future bookings…fabulous from beginning to end. The message of safety was strong and clear. The add on message of practice and failing and practice and trying again was there as well. Thank you for this amazing assembly and for all of your great work! Kathy Baker PTO President Highland Elementary Camp Hill, PA

From: New Market, Maryland Elementary School (May 22, 2013) Hi Brian, LOVED IT!!! Best “assembly” ever! The students were completely engaged and I think the message to “follow your dreams” intertwined with the stunts was a great mix! Melissa Atherholt, PTA New Market Elementary School . Honestly, these guys are fabulous – very professional, entertaining, engaging, and inspirational! At the last minute, I decided to pull my 11th grader out of school (just down the road) to come see the show. He was so impressed (he’s a skateboarder) and couldn’t believe the magnitude of talent these guys had! For my son, who is struggling with school (and doesn’t seem to see the point lately) it was a great message that these guys have degrees or are currently seeking their degree and are able to use their talents to make money and have fun too. Fabulous! I know Mike Sweeney took pics of our principal that are fantastic! We loved it all! Thanks! I will share this with the other PTAs around us. Cheers! melissa

From: Campbell Soup Assemblies in Fairfax, VA. (May 21, 2013) Hi Brian, Thanks again for the wonderful assemblies for our school assembly winners of our contest. You guys were a great addition to our contest and we look forward to working with the Dialed Action Sports Team in the future. Thanks again! Lauren

From: Lakeland Elementary School in Scott Township, PA. (May 21, 2013) Hi Brian, Everybody loved the show- thank you!! We will definitely be calling you again in the future. JENNY KOTOWSKI

From: Abraham Lincoln Elementary school in Bethel Park, PA. (May 20, 2013) Hi Brian, Thanks again to you and your crew for coming out. Everyone loved the assembly! It was really nice meeting all of you. Camilla Hendrych

From: Bethlehem, PA. Elementary School (April 4, 2013) Hi Brian, Thank you very much for the energizing and fun performance at our assembly on the 4th. Both students and staff alike had a wonderful time. I took many pics and videos so let me know if you’d like me to forward them to you. Thank you again! Susan Bezas

From: Indian Institute of Technology in India (January 28 to February 5, 2013) Hey Brian, Everything is fantastic here, its always so good hear from you, too. The Dialed Action Sports Team was the best among all the performers we hosted this year. Your BMX stunt show had the prefect blend of adventure and entertainment. It kept our audience on the edge of their seats all throughout the show, I only wish that your show should have ended on a high note, (broken bikes) but nevertheless we had only positive reviews from audience. Your cooperation at every point made the process easier than with the other performers. Our team had real fun with you before the show, during the show as well as after the show. Team Kshitij wishes you all the best in your future endeavors. Regards, Vinod Pal (India)

From: West Union, WV. Middle School (February 16, 2013) Hi Brian, I cannot say enough about the Dialed Action Sports Teams fantastic show. Furthermore, contacting, setting a date, and the shows general plan went extremely smooth. Brian handled all questions and concerns I had, and the show went off without a hitch. Our youth basketball league kids were so surprised when they walked through the gymnasium doors. The stunts were fantastic, the message really hit home, and judging by the volume of the crowd, everyone loved it. Thanks Brian and the Dialed Action Sports Team for making our end of the season league party the best to date! Kelly w/ the Doddridge County Youth Basketball League

From: Jefferson Hills, PA. Elementary School (February 8, 2013) Hi Brian, What can I say? Your show was awesome!!! Kids loved it, faculty loved it and us “other people” loved it too! I so look forward to next year and in the meantime sharing with everyone what a fantastic program you have. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your team to anyone. I wish you all the best and give my sincerest thanks to you and your team! You guys are the best! Thanks again, Kendra (PTA)

From: Milton, Florida Elementary School (October 25, 2012) Brian, Thank you guys so much!!!!!! You are awesome!!! Our kids could not stop talking about you all. Here are some pictures from the show!!! I am going to try to load a video to your facebook page. Not sure if it will work. Jessica Phillips, EME PTO Pressident

From: Wexford, PA. Elementary School (September 13, 2012) Hi Brian, Thank you so much for an amazing day at Wexford Elementary. The assembly (and lunch) was thoroughly enjoyed by the students, teachers and staff. We have been receiving so many positive remarks. It was a fantastic way to kick off our school year. Lori Horan

BMX School Assembly Shows in PA.

BMX School Assembly Shows

From: Jewish Summer Camp (July 23, 2012) Hi Brian, Everyone is still talking about what a great show you did. We loved having you and you were a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much!!! Avi

From: Channahon Junior High School (March 28, 2012) Hi Brian, Thank you so much for your wonderful performance at our school! The fast-paced, high energy show left our kids stunned in amazement! What a unique way to motivate kids to make prosocial choices and be successful. Our kids still cannot stop talking about how awesome the show was. Working with you was a pleasure, and we look forward to booking your shows in the future. Sincerely, Molly Rafter, MSW, LSW School Social Worker

From: Columbus, Ohio Auto Show (March 15-18, 2012) Hi Brian, Thank you again for being a part of the 2012 Columbus Auto Show. We had a great experience with your BMX Stunt Team from beginning to end and look forward to working with you again in the future! Krista Miller

Jefferson Hills, PA.

West Chester, PA.

From: West Chester, PA. Elementary School Assembly (February 10, 2012) Hi Brian, Just wanted to thank you and your crew for an AWESOME BMX school assembly today!!!!! You guys were amazing! The kids were pumped up all day and they kept asking when you guys were coming back! Thanks again for a great job and help reemphasizing the importance of staying healthy and fit!!! When we get all of our photo’s and video together, I’ll mail you a disk of everything!! Thanks again and we hope to have you guys back in the future! Allison Tester (PTO)

From: Pittsburgh, PA. School Assembly Program (November 9, 2011) Brian, We are so happy we decided to have Dialed Action Sports Team as our Olweus Program Kick-Off! They were the perfect assembly to get the kids excited for our anti-bullying program. It was a high energy, action packed event that not only impressed our students, but also our teachers and administration! Brian and his team were very easy to work with, they arrived on time, set up was quick and easy and they were very accommodating. Our PTG and school look forward to working with Dialed Action Sports Team again and we can’t thank them enough for coming! Thanks again Brian, I’m sure we will have you guys back! Sherri Ferris Assembly Chairperson, Chartiers Valley Intermediate School – PTG

From: NY. Drug Awareness School Assembly Program (October 28, 2011) Brian, The show was great and the message was spot on! Our students enjoyed the excitement and amazing stunts. Including the faculty and principal and even superintendent was a great addition to get the students into the program. Thanks for your dedication in helping spread the message of the importance of staying drug free! This was the best show we have had during drug awareness week ever! Thanks again!

From: Atmore, Alabama- Red Ribbon Week Assembly- (October 2011) Brian, Thank you for the excellent BMX Stunt Team Show that you and the other guys presented to Rachel Patterson Elementary School. The kids enjoyed it and the message about a Drug Free Life was an important. I used it in my “Making Good Choices” lesson. You really can’t be that athletic and do drugs. Please convey the appreciation of the students and faculty of Rachel Patterson to the other members of the team. Sincerely, Martha Gund Guidance Counselor

From: Orchard Park, NY School Assembly (September 8, 2011) Dear Brian, WE HAD SO MUCH FUN YESTERDAY!!!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful performance. The children, staff, and parents all loved it. Thank you also for stressing the importance of wearing a helmet and bicycle safety. Thank you for making the booking process so easy. From your website and video clips, to the invoice and payment process – it was a breeze! We will definitely have you back. Lisa

From: Lake Valahalla, Montville, NJ. (September 6, 2011) Brian and Dialed Action Sports Team, Thank you for the unforgettable performance that your crew and yourself performed at our Labor Day Event. Throughout your entire show you kept the crowd on the edge of their seats. The announcer who broadcast from start to finish of the performance really kept the crowd enthralled and very involved. Brian and his crew were very flexible with the space and area we provided for them for their set-up. The Dialed Action Sports Team was extremely easy to book and work with , returning phone calls as soon as possible and always pleasant to talk with. Once again thank you for the great entertainment and enthusiastic performance. Sincerely, Perry Bonadies and The Lake Valhalla Staff

From: Confluence, PA. school (September 2, 2011) Brian: The students loved the show. From the time you left until they stepped onto the bus to go home, that’s all they wanted to talk about. Since the tricks were done literally feet from the students; well, they were amazed at your abilities. Many of them even spoke to me later regarding your positive message in terms of doing well in school as it truly impacts the rest of your life. You were a pleasure to work with and we will certainly keep your information in our file for future use. Jeffrey S. Malaspino M.Ed

From: Whippany, NJ. Elementary School (June 14, 2011) Hi Brian! I’ve been meaning to write to you since last week but it’s a hectic time of year with all the end-of-the-school year events! Thank you so much for making that great assembly happen last Tuesday! Salem Drive loved it!!! The principal said you did better tricks than the group they had last year (apparently the kids kept yelling for them to do flips but they never did)….I thought each little segment was really fun, and going over The 6 Pillars of Character that way was a great way to pull together the themes of the year with the entire school present. Oh- after the riders high-fived the kids at the end of the show, a lot of them told the Principal that they were never going to wash their hands again, both girls and boys!!! Thank you again Brian, Donna

NJ school assemblies

No-footed Can-can for the kids!

From:Coatesville, PA. Elementary School (June 1, 2011) Brian, I want to apologize again for the misunderstanding I had concerning payment for the school assembly programs you performed. I received the check today from the PTO and sent it out in the mail. Thank you for your understanding. We loved the program. The kids and staff alike were very enthusiastic. You had a very professional performance and held everyone’s interest in an exciting and enjoyable way. Great job everyone! I hope we are able to have you back another year. Barb

From:Boalsburg, PA. Memorial Day Festival (May 30, 2011) Brian, Thanks very much for the excellent and exciting ramp stunt show Dialed Action Sports put on at the Boal Mansion Museum on Memorial Day. You and your group are very talented and the crowd very much enjoyed your performance. Enjoy the attached photos. Sincerely, Chris Lee

Back Flip!

From: Glassboro, NJ School (October 8, 2010) Hi Brian!! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with me (Keith flying over us is a winner!!) – absolutely fantastic! But the real treat was the video on your website – now that was awesome!! Had so much fun watching it and recalling what a BEAUTIFUL day we had from start to finish…the kids absolutely loved it! After you all left, I spoke witha number of my colleagues and they said it was one of the best rally’s we have ever had…now that’s a compliment! It was my pleasure to be able to provide you with some “treats”…nothing big deal but just a simple way to show our appreciation for making the trip to our little part of the world…you all work so hard, I don’t think people realize how physical and mental it is for the riders (not to mention Nathan, the charismatic emcee!!) I am sending along a few pics as well…we took some of the same shots so I’ll refrain from the duplicates…You know I will be talking your team up whenever possible…it was such a pleasure getting to meet all of you…I hope that if you are in the South Jersey area, you will let me know so I can help emcee the show, uh, I mean, cheer you on!! (Sorry Nathan! lol!) Please say hello to Nathan Smoyer,Keith Mcelhinney, David DeBuono & Joey Branford for me!! Wishing you continued success in all that you do Brian – keep in touch!! Mary

From:Fall Festival, in PA. (October 2, 2010) Brian, I was very impressed with how talented you all are. It was an exciting show that targeted a broad audience. I enjoy seeing the smiles on everyone’s face as they watched you all perform. We were a little worried about the rain we received days prior to the event, but it all worked out in the end and we appreciate you working around the big mud puddles. =) Overall, it was a great addition to this type of event. We hope to do even more shows at the event next year. I was fortunate to watch bits and pieces of every show. You guys are great! Kristy

From:Ballon Festival (September 18-19, 2010) Hi Brian, We are so happy Dialed Action Sports Team was part of our event. We truly were happy with your professionalism both in your performance and how easy it was to work with you. It was great fun to watch the children as you did the stunts — it added to the “family” part of our event. Personally, I am very pleased with how it all worked out. This was our first year at this venue and our first year back after taking a year off. We didn’t really know just what to expect and of course lots of it depends on the weather. The BMX added a whole new dimension to what started as a balloon event, and then we had added a few air show attractions, and now it all tied together with the BMX and other things on the ground (well, you were most of the time! :-)) And when I misunderstood after talking with you the first time about the cost of having you here, you worked with us and made it affordable to do the 5 shows with 3 guys and that truly was appreciated. And one more thing, I appreciated your announcer closing your shows with “God bless”. Thank you, Brian, Sandy

From: Kids Summer Camp (August 17, 2010) The kids loved it. We were commenting on the way home that day about how usually our color war breaks, the kids aren’t really paying attention (i.e. last year Yomi Bear skydived into camp and not everyone was watching). But with you guys, the kids were entertained, engaged, and really enjoyed it a lot. I thought the set-up was pretty easy and everything else was top-notch. Brian

From:Western PA Festival (June 16, 2010) The Western Pennsylvania Laurel Festival Board of Directors would like to thank your BMX Team for their great performance and professionalism when they preformed for the festival June 16th, 2010, in downtown Brookville, Pa.

From:Spectator at a Monster Truck show in Sudbury, ON. (May 16, 2010) Brian, “I took these photos yesterday at the show in Sudbury ON. My two sons now think you are the coolest people on earth and want to be BMX stunt bikers. My 6 year old, Kaleb, was in total awe and has not stopped talking about it. Thank you for being a positive role models, while still doing something (in my sons words) totally cool and amazing!! We really enjoyed your show and wished it would have been longer. I don’t think I will be trying anything like myself 😉 but will definitely support my kids if they chose to pursue this. Thanks for taking the time to talk to my kids, it really meant a lot.” Aline Groulx-Grant

From:Monster Truck Tour (Jan.8th to March 20, 2010) Brian, “A job well done! You and the other members of the “Dialed Action Sports Team” that particapated in the 2010 “MONSTER FREESTYLE FALLOUT” tour all did an exceptional job. All of the members were punctual, reliable and professionaland we to work with you again soon. Thanks for making the TBO Entertainment Inc.tour a monster success.” Tom “Bo” Bougus

From: AAF Tank Museum Classic Car Show (Nov. 7, 2009) Brian, “I hope you all got home okay and I hope you all had fun while here. Thank you for coming and doing a great show. The crowd really seemed to enjoy it. I hope we can work out something for next year as we would love to have you here again next year. We should talk.” Thanks, Natasha Petersen

From:Philadelphia Motorcycle Show in Oaks, Pa. (Oct. 9-11, 2009) Brian Cunningham and the Dialed Action Stunt Team are an excellent addition to any event’s entertainment. Brian’s professionalism combined with his enthusiastic show make him & his team a pleasure to work with. I’m looking forward to working with Brian and the team for many future events.” Thank you, Brian, David

From: Staten Island, NY. County Fair (Sept. 11,12, 2009) “Brian, your stunt performances were a big hit. You wowed the audience with your tricks and people were talking about you all day. The Richmond County Fair loved the Dialed Action Sports Team.” Thank you, Brian, Orly

From: Classic Car Show (August 29, 2009) Brian “I would like to extend our sincere thanks to you and your team for an outstanding demonstration of BMX acrobatics at the Wheels of Time Rod and Custom Jamboree on August 29th. Your ability to set up without our help, including cleaning the road of mud, was a tremendous asset, considering all the things we had to do. The team pleased and amazed the crowd and when Dennis Gage ended his taping of the car show with a BMX bike overhead, what a way to end the event.” Thanks again Alan Breen

From:Ocean City, Md. Beachfest (June 19-21, 2009) Brian, “I wanted to personally thank you for the amazing performance the Dialed Action Sports Team put on at the Beach fest Village. Not only did you guys over exceed our expectations but you added such a great element to our show. You always know something is a hit when it puts a smile on everyone’s face. What we found amazing was that you guys impressed the young and old. When choosing an action sports group, it is always a daunting task because you don’t know what you are going to get. With Dialed Action, you were so enjoyable to work with while we were setting everything up and when we actually met face to face, you and your guys were so pleasant and respectful. Again, thank you and your team for adding an unbelievable element to our show and keeping our crowd constantly impressed. We look forward to having the Dialed Action Sports team at a future show. Thanks again and keep in touch.” Meredith Hennen

From:Carlisle, Pa. Performance & Style Car Show: (May 9-10, 2009) “The Dialed Action Sports Team did a phenomenal job during the 2009 Carlisle Performance & Style event. They kept the audience’s attention by conducting insane maneuvers over and over again throughout their performances. They were easy to work with and put on entertainment in a professional manner. We were thrilled to have them perform in front of our audience, the crowd love ‘em!” Lance

From:The Philadelphia University Car Show: (April 21, 2009) “It’s a great group to hire. Brian is very easy going. They come in, get set up, and put on a great show. They really got our crowd excited. With each jump the announcer gives a description of the maneuver and whatnot. They also do crowd participation jumps. I used to ride BMX and some of the things the riders pulled off were awesome. They were very respectful to what else is going on at the event. For our crowd the also did a safety speech for the younger kids. They have diverse riders and styles, so there was something for everyone. They started off with technical tricks and progressively went bigger by doing big air tricks like back flips and 360s.” Andrew

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