Why are BMX School Assemblies great for students?

Dialed Action Sports Team’s BMX Bike Show believes that it’s very important to be role models for younger kids. That’s why each BMX Stunt Show that we perform we include certain messages about being drug free, bicycle safety (wearing your pads and helmet), anti-bullying, and making responsible decisions. With the massive amount of kids riding bikes and skateboarding these days, it just makes sense to have an educational BMX demo at your assembly. Having our professional athletes perform at your assemblyis something that the students can relate to as most of them probably tried an extreme sport at some point. In the end our goal is to have these messages  that we provide to the students, really sink in and hopefully steer them in the right direction and make the right choices.Please contact us for more information on having the Dialed Action Sports Team’s BMX Bike Stunt Show at your school assembly.

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