Benefits from BMX School Assemblies

When hiring the Dialed Action Sports Team, you’re not only getting some of the BIGGEST tricks in the sport but you will also receive an educational program. It’s very important to show your students that there are professional athletes out there who are good role models. It’s sad to think that there are so many professional athletes, celebrities, etc. that are setting such a bad example for the kids today. What happens when your students start to think that these people are “good role models”? What chance do your students have if all they see is negative role models? Well I think we can see what happens by the problems we have in today’s society with the drugs and gangs on the streets.The Dialed Action Sports Team is dedicated to providing positive role model school assemblies.  We want to show your students that they have their whole life ahead of them and that their decisions now, will affect them in the long run.  We provide your students with messages during our Bicycle Stunt Shows about drug awareness, bicycle safety, anti-bullying, responsible choices.

Back flip over the principle in Batavia, NY.




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