Anti Bullying Programs for Elementary and Middle Schools

Does your school have a problem with bullying? Are you looking for a new and exciting way to teach your students that bullying is bad? Then the Dialed Action Sports Team is the way to go. Our anti bullying programs are designed specially for elementary and middle schools. Our BMX stunt team provides inspirational messages about bullying in a fun, non-preachy way. We have what we call the 3 R’s which are Recognize, Refuse and React. These 3 R’s are a simple way to relay what bullying is, why it’s bad and how to avoid it. For more information on our anti bullying school assembly programs, please visit the following link Also, please visit our Testimonials Page to see what other elementary and middle schools thought of our anti bullying programs. Our educational BMX stunt shows are available for 2012-2013 in PA, NJ, NY, NYC, OH, MD, VA, WV, IL, IN, CT, KY, DE, NH, RI and many more states. Please contact us today to help put a stop to bullying.



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