Dialed Action Sports X Schwinn Bikes

Dialed Action Sports Wrap Up Successful Mountain Bike Performance Series with Chris Clark in Northwest Arkansas.

Youth Outreach Tour
Location: NWA Northwest Arkansas Region

Dialed Action Sports has recently completed an impactful series of Mountain Bike Performance programs in the picturesque Northwest Arkansas region. The performance tour was run in collaboration with Schwinn Bikes and featured veteran stunt cyclist Chris Clark. These engaging youth outreach events were centered in Bentonville and executed in collaboration with local Boys & Girls Club chapters. The primary goal of these programs was to ignite children’s passion for cycling while inspiring them to embark on adventures across the region’s pristine trail system.

Under the guidance of Steuart Walton, Bentonville and the broader Northwest Arkansas area have solidified their reputation as the premier cycling destination in the United States, catering to cyclists of varying expertise levels. With an exceptional array of well-maintained paved paths, exhilarating off-road trails, and purpose-built terrain parks, the region offers an array of enjoyable experiences for cyclists of all backgrounds.

Learn more about these trails at: www.oztrails.com


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