July 26, 2012

Team Dialed BMX Stunt Show T-shirts for sale

Did you miss you chance to buy a Team Dialed BMX t-shirt at an event? Well, no need to worry, the Dialed Action Sports Team now offers our BMX t-shirts for sale on Facebook for only $15.00 with free shipping. So, whether you’ve seen our extreme sports show or you are just a big fan, please
June 26, 2012
Anti-Bullying Assemblies in PA, NJ, NY

Anti Bullying Programs for Elementary and Middle Schools

Does your school have a problem with bullying? Are you looking for a new and exciting way to teach your students that bullying is bad? Then the Dialed Action Sports Team is the way to go. Our anti bullying programs are designed specially for elementary and middle schools. Our BMX stunt team provides inspirational messages
June 22, 2012

Summer Camp BMX Stunt Shows in MD.

Today (June 22, 2012) the Dialed Action Sports Team will be perform our BMX stunt shows at a kids summer camp in Bel-Air, Maryland. For this exciting BMX bike show we have professional riders Mike Fede, Chris Przywara and Brian Cunningham. Our summer camp performance will start at 1:00pm with autographs afterwards. Stay tuned for
June 17, 2012

Chilling In NYC

The Dialed Action Sports Team had the day off so we decided to up Times Square in NYC. Keith Schmidt and I (Brian Cunningham) have today off from BMX stunt shows. NYC is always a great place to be at and for us to perform at.
June 15, 2012

Woodward Camp BMX

Our BMX stunt team lives near by and trains at the wonderful Woodward Sports Camp in Pennsylvania. This is a summer camp for kids from 6 years old to 17 years old and caters to rollerblader, skateboarders and BMX bike riders. Please visit them on the web at www.WoodwardCamp.com
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