BMX Entertainment in Kharagpur, India

The Dialed Action Sports Team now been in India for 3 days and we got a bunch of sight seeing done. We also started building a launch ramp for us to perform on. Before we got to India we gave the Indian Institute of technology a list of materials that we would need to build a ramp. Well, they did provide the lumber as requested which was good. However, getting the required tools to make the ramp was a different story. First we had to use a pretty sketchy circular saw, then to find other tools and things we’d need was very difficult. With the language barrier between us it made it even harder to find the tools we needed. Future note to self: bring your own tools. All in all though we are having a great time out here. We are experiencing things that I never thought that I’d see. We are witnessing things we’ve only seen on TV before. Below are a few photos to help you get the idea of the area we are in. It’s a very different area then back in the USA. It really opens your eyes and makes you appreciate the things you have in America. So, for all of you out there who stress over the little things in life, it could be worse so be thankful for what you have. We will be finishing up our ramp today and hopefully riding it. At this event the IIT university is also building us a 1/4 pipe ramp with minimal to 0 experience on building ramps. We watched them start building it yesterday and it was pretty funny to see them give it a shot. We have been helping them along the way but keep in mind that they don’t quit understand us and vice versa. Either way the show on Saturday will be amazing in front of 8 thousand people. We’ll be posting more photos and blogs soon so stay in touch. For more information about our BMX Stunt Team, please Contact US.

BMX Shows in India
BMX in India
Little store in Kharagpur, India




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