BMX Shows for Schools in NJ.

Today (February 23, 2018) will be an exciting day for the Dialed Action Sports Team. We are headed to 2 different schools in New Jersey. Both schools today are located in Blairstown, NJ and we’ll be educating the students on bicycle safety and anti-bullying. At these BMX stunt shows we’ll have bike riders Cory Berglar and Colton Civitello, along with Brian Cunningham.  It’s almost getting warm enough where we can start performing outside for our assemblies. These shows however must be indoors in the school’s gymnasium. We are always excited to perform in front of elementary students as they truly love watching the bike riders fly through the air. It’s also good for the kids to see us as the “cool guys” because then our anti bullying messages may sink in more and make a bigger impact on there. It happens all too often that a kid is bullied at school. Some are bullied and they can deal with, where others can not deal with it and in some cases they take their own life because of it. This is unacceptable behavior to torcher someone to the point of no return. Let’s get together and make this world a happy place and spread love, not hate! Contact us for more information about our BMX school assembly programs at your school.




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