BMX School Assemblies in Maryland

We are proud to announce that the Dialed Action Sports Team will be performing at various schools throughout Maryland this Spring of 2018. It is always a great time visiting MD and the amazing elementary schools we perform at. Our BMX shows will be geared towards educating middle schools and elementary schools about the severity of bullying and bike safety. We’ll be capturing your students attention with our gravity-defying BMX stunts and entertaining jokes in the midst of the show. We will also be grabbing some BRAVE volunteers from the ground to be jumped over during the BMX demo. Another great thing about being in Maryland is being able to stop by and see Travis Pastrana in Annapolis, MD. Travis is a long time friend who is a professional FMX rider and cofounder of Nitro Circus. With his backyard being a massive skatepark for top professionals, it is always a treat to go there and practice ourselves. If you are a school located in Maryland and are looking for something new and fun for your kids this Spring, then please contact us today to learn more about our BMX shows for schools. 




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